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We Have Winner Between Bluehost vs WP Engine 

Bluehost and WP Engine are two one the most popular and leading WordPress hosting providers available out there in the market. But then some people wanted to choose one of them but could not find a way to pick the best one.

But we are here to rescue you folks from this dilemma and now it is time that you should choose the real champion.

The WP Engine is a WordPress-centric managed to host solution while Bluehost gives you a range of hosting options along with managed WordPress hosting.

In this article, we will compare the Bluehost and WP Engine. Then we are going to tell you which one is best and what are their properties which makes them stand out in the crowd.

Let’s talk about the best features:

  1. WP Engine features:
  2. WP Engine supports one website with the Startup plan.
  3. Organizing and creating conditions
  4. Daily computerized reinforcements
  5. Day in and day out help through talk.
  6. Incorporated Content Delivery Network(CDN).
  7. Free, programmed SSL declarations to make sure about your site and get the green latch.
  8. Incorporates the Genesis Framework for free, just as more than 35 Genesis child themes.
  9. Various additional items are accessible for all plans (counting programmed module updates and Multisite uphold).
  10. Bluehost features:
  1. Supports one site with its Basic arrangement and limitless ones with higher levels.
  2. Free domain for one year.
  3. 50 GB SSD stockpiling (higher levels get ‘limitless’ capacity and transfer speed)
  4. Programmed WordPress establishment and updates
  5. Admittance to arranging functionality (with all plans)
  6. Free SSL testament
  7. Day in and day out help via talk

Are you surprised that Bluehost doesn’t offer as many things as WP Engine? But you shouldn’t be, considering the price difference. But, Bluehost does offer staging functionality, which we hardly see in this priced WordPress host. Also, it throws in free domain registration as part of the deal which you can like as compared to WP Engine.

Want to know which one is easy to use, between Bluehost or WP Engine? Continue reading

Bluehost offers one of the easiest to understand options on the hosting panel. It is inconceivably simple to explore, and you can without much of a stretch access your WordPress sites with one click.

However, Bluehost deals with installing WordPress for you but they do not assist you in moving your site. This implies if you have a site you need to move to a Bluehost shared plan, you’re on your own except if you need to pay for the $149.99 Site Transfer service.

WP Engine doesn’t offer human movements either, yet it offers a committed module that mechanizes the greater part of the cycle for you. In any case, it’s a slight negative, considering numerous other managed WordPress hosts are generally glad to deal with relocations for you.

The WP Engine dashboard isn’t as smooth as Bluehost. That will be normal considering you gain admittance to further developed functionality. However, you actually couldn’t think of it as difficult to explore.

Overall, WP Engine offers much more alternatives out of the case for micromanaging your site through their hosting panel. That is something worth being thankful for, obviously, yet it implies there’s a higher expectation to absorb information. Generally, when you pursue a plan, WP Engine has an edge with regards to usefulness, functionality and it’s a superior fit in the event that you have experience managing sites.

Now it’s time to discuss performance and which one performs better?

WP Engine provides an integrated CDN out of the box. It also gives you the experience of fast loading. WP Engine is extremely wonderful and leads the way when it comes to performance.

Bluehost on the other hand is not good when you compare both. When it comes to web host’s uptime, both Bluehost and WP Engine are perfect.

Performance is basic for any site, and since both web hosts get amazing points with regards to uptime, everything comes down to loading times. And hence, WP Engine emerges as a clear winner in this particular area.

Which one is more customer-friendly?

Both Bluehost and WP Engine have information bases that anybody can access for immediate help with their site. Notwithstanding, WP Engine significantly comes on top, and it incorporates many help options for WordPress clients.

We have asked many users about the quality of support of WP Engine and Bluehost and again WP Engine leads this department as well with a huge margin. As per the users, WP Engine staff is more efficient to handle WordPress related problems and errors.

Which web host offers the most bang for your buck?

Presently it’s, at last, an ideal opportunity to discuss the genuine deal-breaker with regards to comparing managed versus shared hosting. We know on paper, managed hosting will quite often be the unrivaled decision in all cases, yet it comes at a high expense.

  WP Engine isn’t what you’d call a budget hosting alternative. Its base plan costs $30 every month, and it just backings single site, if you pay yearly, you get a two-month discount:

With WP Engine, prices scale rather quickly. As you might expect, Bluehost offers dramatically more bang for your buck. $5.45 a month enables you to host unlimited websites, which puts Bluehost squarely in the ‘budget hosting’ category:

With WP Engine costs scale rather rapidly. As you would expect, Bluehost offers drastically more value for your money. $5.45 a month empowers you to have limitless sites, which puts Bluehost decisively in the ‘budget hosting’ classification

This is the place where things get confusing. On the off chance that you’ve utilized hosting previously, you know the costs they show you tend not to be what you wind up paying except if you pursue a long agreement. With Bluehost, you possibly are if you pursue a three-year contract. With the Basic arrangement, this implies burning through $106.20 forthright.

Bluehost doesn’t offer month to month charging. The most limited period you can pursue is a year, which means you’d be paying $59.40 for a time of the basic plan. This may seem as though a great deal until you recollect it’s what could be compared to less than two months of WP Engine’s Startup level.

The Final Call, What should you choose, WP Engine vs Bluehost?

 For many people, the choice between managed and shared WordPress facilitating comes down to cost. You know managed hosting is, much of the time, better no matter how you look at it, however, the inquiry is whether you need all the extra highlights and capability WP Engine offers.

On the off chance that you need to set up an individual site or a little venture that you don’t envision will get a lot of traffic, the choice is basic, paying $30 per month for facilitating isn’t savvy and is likely pointless excess for your venture.

Then again, on the off chance that you need to fabricate a monetized site and you have a reasonable spending plan, it’s keen to put resources into better facilitating from the off.


That’s all from our side about the comparison between WP Engine vs Bluehost which is not an easy task. With WP Engine, you get fast and incredible performance and advanced functions while Bluehost also provides access to staging functionality and hosting plans. Hopefully, this article will help you to differentiate between the two and choose what is best for you.

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