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Top 5 Android Spy Apps – Which are the best for you?

It is hard to compete with today’s generation because kids are more technology smart than their parents. Mobile phone or smart devices are the basic need nowadays; even your toddlers have access to a tablet. If you have given your child a smartphone, you are concerned about their free internet approach and inappropriate content.

It is common for teenagers to get attracted to harmful activities, and no matter how much you check on them, they will get out of your control. So, you should stay a step ahead of them and manage their digital activities.  The question is how to do that? There is highly advanced spyware for Android for kids’ monitoring purpose.

It is a smart move from your side but is it enough? No, it is not; your child will uninstall or block the app features the minute they’ll know about it. That’s why you need hidden spyware apps for Android that can help you get all information of the target devices, and your kids won’t know about it at all. It is essential to research in detail before reaching a spy app for your child.

Top 5 android phone tracker apps:

There are uncountable spy apps that work remotely because of the high demand among parents and employers. A detailed explanation of the following apps is given; you can compare them in terms of functionality and pricing. This way it’ll be easier to choose according to your need and gets the most benefit out of it.

1.    TheWiSpy:

TheWiSpy is on top of the list because of the vast functionality and advanced features; it is spyware for Android used by thousands of people across the globe. The user-friendly interface and high-quality features have made it the number one choice for people. THEWISPY has made it easy for parents to monitor kids from remote access without going into much trouble. It is an android spy app that functions via a dashboard, and you can log in to your account using any web browser.


There are more than 30 brilliant and advanced features of TheWiSpy app, but some of the primary features hold utmost importance.

·       Location Tracker:

One of the essential features in hidden spy apps for Android is a location tracker; every parent and employer wants to know the real-time location of the target. TheWiSpy offers a high-quality GPS location tracking function that you can use for tracking.

·       Call spy:

You can track call history and record calls using the call spy feature of TheWiSpy. Call spy feature has made it easier to spy on every call so you can stay updated on what’s going on in your child’s life.

·       App tracking:

TheWiSpy allows the user to track all social media apps using the app monitoring feature; you can view the online activity of accounts and block certain charges remotely.

·       Microphone live recording:

It is possible to listen to live conversation around the target phone, and you can adjust the setting from the dashboard and enable microphone recording. The spy microphone app will send you the recorded audio so you can listen to it later.

·       Geofencing:

Restrict your kid from going into a specific location by using the geofencing feature. It sets blockage on particular regions, and when the kid enters the area or cross the boundary, the application sends an instant alert.


Overall subscription plans of TheWiSpy apps are affordable and suitable for different needs. Here are three packages you can select for spying on android phones.

General plan:

The general plan is accessible for tracking needs; it has advanced features and different duration at different reasonable prices. It starts from $19.99 only, and you can change the package according to your liking.

Starter plan:

If you want to experience TheWiSpy app’s functions, you can get a starter plan. It is available for $9.99 only and has all the necessary spying features.

Premium plan:

It’s okay if you want a top-notch package for spying on your kid or employee because the premium plan has everything you require. It has the most advanced features starting from $29.99 only, and you can choose a subscription period and customize your package.

2.    FlexiSpy:

FlexiSpy is spyware for Android that offer advanced tracking features for end-users. The app’s primary purpose is to provide remote control to the user by providing different practical functions. The FlexiSpy works on a rooted device that opens doors for advanced spying using the features. It is spying software for cell phones, tablets, and computers.


·       Call tracker:

You can track calls from a remote area using the FlexiSpy spy app that works remotely. Enable the feature from the home screen and start listening to recorded calls, monitor call history and many more.

·       Whatsapp spy:

Use FlexiSpy to spy on WhatsApp messages and calls; it is a social media app that connects people through text messaging and calling.

·       Snapchat spy:

Keep track of your kid’s online activity through spying on Snapchat. It is a social media app that is popular among teenagers.  FlexiSpy offer real-time updates of the app.

·       Geofence alert:

You will get instant alerts when your kid or employee enters a restricted area. You can take instant actions to protect them from dangers and keep yourself updated at the same time.

·       Location Tracker:

Locating children of this generation is an honest effort, but FlexiSpy has made it easier by offering an advanced location tracker feature. You can get location by enabling the feature.



You can get FlexiSpy for $29.95 only; it has advanced spying features and only at a reasonable price.


You can get all features included in the premium plan and spy on cell phones easily. You can avail of this plan for $68 only.


If you plan to spy hard and in detail, then the extreme plan is your best option. You will have access to all advanced and efficient features for $199 only.

3.    mSpy:

mSpy is a spying app that is required to add on the top hidden spy apps for Android. It has a simple user interface and exceptional tracking features. You can get quick results without rooting the device. Stop worrying about kids getting out of control and use the mSpy app instead.


·       GPS tracker:

You can get cell phone location using this feature; no matter how far away the area is, it will provide authentic results.

·       Social media spy:

Kids are connected with strangers via social media apps, get a grip on their activities using this feature.

·       Keylogger:

The app will store passwords and critical messages by enabling the feature.


There are three unmatchable price plans for mSpy; the basic plan is $29.99 with necessary spying features. You can get a standard plan with more than 17 features for $69. If you want exceptional results and all mSpy features, choose the premium plan available for $69 only.

4.    iKey monitor:

IKeyMonitor is one of the most popular tracking apps that are used among parents. With highly advanced and uncountable features, you can spy on everything in seconds. It is a spy app that works remotely and offers exceptional results in no time. You will have to install iKeyMonitor app on both target and monitoring device and start spying.


·       Call recording:

You can listen to calls by recording on your device using this feature.

·       App screenshot:

Use this feature to take a screenshot of any app installed on the target device.

·       Keystroke spy:

The iKeyMonitor detect all keystrokes using this feature.

·       Phone camera:

You can take live pictures from the target phone sitting remotely by using this feature.


It is one of the most reasonable and adequate phone tracker apps. You can sign up for free and explore the features of the application. You can get access to a premium package to get advanced features for $9.99 only.

5.    CocoSpy:

CocoSpy is a monitoring app used to track down every update on the target device using intelligent features. You don’t have to do much for detail monitoring; enable features from your CocoSpy account and sit back.


·       Current location tracker:

Get yourself updated on your child, employee, and loved ones using this feature. You’ll get instant alerts on the latest location in seconds.

·       Browser history tracking:

You can access browser history using this feature, keep an eye on your teenagers and what content they are watching every day.

·       Social media tracking:

You can keep your teenager’s social media activity using CocoSpy, and this feature helps you get access to all social media accounts.

·       Keylogger:

The app store keystrokes that the target user inserts in the cell phone; it will help you sign in to social media accounts.


CocoSpy has three different pricing plans that you can avail of: basic, premium, and family plan. Get access to monitoring features by subscribing to the basic strategy for $39.99 only. You can get the premium package for $69 and enjoy advanced features. The family plan has everything in it, and you can spy on your loved ones for $89.99 only.

What is the best choice for you?

Every phone tracker app mentioned above is the high-valued and first choice for monitoring android devices. Indeed there are tremendous pros of each app, but one beats another with single exceptional functionality. We recommend you to choose TheWiSpy; it is an excellent hidden spy app for Android that offer real-time results with the help of advanced features.

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