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Things to Know Before Using Kentico Kontent as CMS

Living in the fast-paced world, we know that no business can be truly successful without having an online presence. To boost brand and reach a larger customer base, developing a website is the first step every business should think of. However, creating and maintaining a successful website requires reliable content management. One of the most effective cloud platforms that can help to manage and gain control over your website content is Kentico Kontent, which was earlier known as Kentico Cloud.

Different fromother Kentico CMS solutions that are available in the market, Kentico Kontent is known as arobust headless CMS or content-as-a-service (CaaS) platform. Let’s find out everything we need to know about Kentico Kontentand how it can help the organization grow.

What is Kentico Kontent?

The new brand name of Kentico Cloud is Kentico Kontent, which is a complete and redefined transition of headless CMS to CaaS (Content as a Service). The main challenge faced by several organizations is to unify and streamline the content across their entire business operations. It can be easy for a small-sized company to manage the content; however, the network becomes more entangled as the company grows.

One thing that may come to your mind is “How much does a CMS cost?” Well, Kentico Kontent comes with a free trial versionfor simple projects through which you can check out the basic features it offers. It also has a paid business edition for big projects and the enterprise edition too. Some of the top content management issues that Kentico Kontent addresses as a CaaS platform are-

  • Consistency problems in content creation
  • Duplicate versions of the content in different CMSs
  • Content hidden in silos along with the inability to collaborate among teams

All these challenges can be resolved effectively with the use of the cloud-based version of Kentico or the CaaS platform. With Headless CMS, all the content can be unified using a single environment making it less chaotic and simpler as compared to traditional CMS. Another advantage is the delivery of content through a dynamic API providing flexibility to both designers and developers. It also enables separation of content from the frontend making it easy to update content and redesign the environment.

What makes Kentico Kontent Different from other Kentico CMS?

Both the types of Kentico CMS have its pros and cons making them unique from one another. The Kentico Kontent is a headless CMS that keeps more focus on content management and less on how it looks as it doesn’t support the front-end.

Kentico Kontent Other Kentico CMS
A headless CMS without front-end part A CMS with code and database
No hosting is required Need to be hosted on the company’s server or Cloud
Content is rendered via API separating the CMS from the channel of publication Responsible for creating content and how it will look to the end-user
Content can be made available through any platform on any device- web, app, wearables, etc. Requires a web-based interface for content editing

Benefits of Using Kentico Kontent

The best thing that the organization can get is the ability to unify and manage the content enabling several teams in a company to collaborate and rely on a single platform to modify, manage,or deploy content effectively. Here are some of the benefits offered by Kentico Kontent to the organizations using them-

  • Efficient Collaboration

As the CaaS platform, everyone in the organization gets access to the centralized repository of the content pieces enabling them to make use of their assigned roles and work concurrently on a single content. All the tasks like editing, reviewing, updating, tracking progress in real-time, etc. can be done at the same time to improve the content file.

  • Better Content Management

As the company grows, multiple CMSs are used and managed by different departments making it difficult to operate leading towards non-productive content silos. CaaS helps in providing a holistic view of all content and its versions. The organization gets a well-needed structure making content less cluttered and better than other organizations without Kentico Kontent.

  • Consistency & Quality

As Kentico Kontent allows all the team to work and reuse content, the teams can simultaneously work on the same master copy of the content to improve its quality over time. Another important thing while communicating with customers is consistent and clear content, which is made possible with the help of the CaaS platform.

Closing Statement

It would be right to say that content is still important for the growth of any organization. As the world moves toward the digital transformation, businesses are using content as the most effective way to connect with their audience and convert them into valuable customers. Delivering the right content at the right time is the main goal to build a strong connection with the customers.

Kentico Kontent is the best option to manage content without limit no matter where your team is. Get in touch with the top Kentico CMS Solutions provider to regain control over the content and unify them in one place to publish it wherever your customers need.

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