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Monitoring Software for MAC and Windows

Have you ever used monitoring software to keep track of a computer device without having access? The technologists have developed tracking software to remotely monitor computer devices. Parents and business persons can evaluate digital behavior of their children and employees by supervising their online and offline activities with monitoring software. In this article, we have discussed the most advanced computer spy software for Windows and Mac computers.

Monitoring Software for Windows Computers

The computer tracking software allows users to remotely monitor any Windows computer. It supports Dell, HP, Acer, Samsung, LG and many other laptop and desktop computers running Windows 7, 8 and 10. Once you install the software on a computer, you can monitor its usage via web based control panel of OgyMogy.

Moreover, you can create an online backup of your important information by uploading to the online portal. Given are the features of the software that elaborate the functionality of the Windows tracker software.

Get Reports on Computer Usage

You can evaluate the computer use of your children and employees. The spy software provides user-friendly reports highlighting the frequently visited software, websites and activities. These reports help employers to identify productive and unproductive workers. Parents can keep check on computer use of children with the help of these reports.

Track Internet Usage

The un-monitored and uncontrolled internet access can be disastrous. Parents and employers are needed to supervise internet usage of children and employees to restrict them from unproductive and inappropriate use of the internet.

The computer surveillance software gets access to the internet browsing history of the monitored digital device. It also accesses bookmarks to let you detect the frequently visited web pages.

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Website Blocking

The computer surveillance software allows managing the internet access of employees and children. You can restrict your kids from visiting age-inappropriate websites. The business managers can boost the productivity of workers by preventing them from misusing the internet and visiting unproductive websites. The websites can be blocked by URLs, category or keywords.

On-Demand Screenshots

The real-time computer activities of concerned individuals and groups can be tracked with on-demand screenshots. If you are suspicious about activities of your worker you can send command to his monitored computer to start taking screenshots to capture every activity in real-time. The screenshots get uploaded to the online portal of the computer tracking software.

Mighty Alarms

You can set the tracking software to alert you about specific activities. If your target performs any forbidden act on the monitored computer the app notifies you about the act.

Monitoring Software for MAC Computers

The computer surveillance software enables parents and entrepreneurs to keep tabs on desktop and laptop computers running Mac operating system. It supports MacBook Pro, MacBook, MacBook Air and iMac running Mac OS 10.5 to 10.12. Given are the core features of the MAC monitoring software of OgyMogy.

Monitor Surroundings

The employers can keep an eye on their workers’ surroundings to keep them from unproductive acts and bullying. The computer tracker software lets you operate microphone and camera of the targeted MAC computer.

Using these tools, you can take photos of the surrounding events and can record sounds as well. It lets you listen to the chitchats of your employees without them knowing. The photos and videos made by remote controlling the targeted device can be retrieved through the online portal.

Screen Recording

Whatever appears on the screen of the MAC computer can be captured with the screen recording feature. This enables parents and employers to closely watch out the computer activities of children and employees.

Track Emails

The emails sent and received by your target can be read by logging into the online portal of the MAC tracking software.


The surveillance software records all keystrokes applied to the keyboard of the targeted computer. It allows saving passwords, usernames and email addresses of accounts operated on the monitored digital device.

Data Backup

The MAC monitoring software provides online storage to protect important data. You can create an online backup of emails, photos, documents and similar stuff. The computer tracking software lets you track MAC and Windows computers in several other ways.

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