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How To Create An E-Learning Platform?

People turn to the web when they wish to find something. They also turn online when they wish to educate themselves or learn something new. It is where e-learning platforms come in. You will be surprised to know that the e-learning approach is 22 years old already. This online learning trend helps employees, students, and other people increase their knowledge. And the recent COVID-19 pandemic has largely contributed to the quick adoption of online learning. It means that now is the best time to make an e-learning platform.

Basic Features of An E-learning Platform

If you are thinking about how to make an e-learning platform, below are the basic features that you need to include:

  • Sign-up/ Log-in functionality
  • User Profile
  • Search and course catalog
  • Dashboard/Progress tracking
  • Blog
  • Payment System
  • Admin Panel
  • Video Calls and Messaging
  • Social Buttons and Notifications
  • Review/Rating/Feedback System
  • Support for different currencies and languages

Moreover, you can add more features based on your target audience and e-learning platform requirements.

How To Create A Remarkable E-learning Platform?

Let us find out how can you create a remarkable e-learning platform that is both engaging and exciting:

Find and Study Target Audience

Every e-learning platform development begins with research. You should first evaluate your target audience and niche. You should check for their interest, age, and how they like to spend their free hours. Consider personalized content. Determine the topics that you would want to cover and find out which content will be helpful and engaging for potential students. You should also have a look at your competitors.

Find A Team

After you have done the planning, you can begin searching for a dependable development company London that can create an e-learning platform for you. You certainly cannot do everything yourself if you don’t have a technical background. Using templates won’t do the work for you. If you want an inclusive solution, you should hire the best software developers London. They can help you make the best e-learning platform.

Engage Good Educators

First-class app/website performance and great UX/UI design service won’t have much success if you don’t have great content. Great content should be offered by experienced educators. Look for veteran tutors or cooperate with educational establishments and universities. Also, ensure that the content is relevant to your target audience.

Sketch Ideas On Functionality And Design

For this, you can contact the software developers London to get a professional consultation from them.

Find Features Important for the MVP

The various features mentioned above are sufficient to make an MVP, introduce it in the market, collect feedback from the users, and then make adjustments.

Consider your Marketing Strategy

For this, you should pay attention to social networks, email marketing, lead capture forms, testimonials, and video marketing. Then find the best method to monetize your e-learning platform like donations, pay per course, affiliate marketing, and subscriptions.

Mobile App or Website for E-learning?

Another important question that you should answer before developing an e-learning platform is: “Whether you should build a mobile app or a website? You can find the answer to this question by looking at your target audience. Also, remember that mobile e-learning is increasing. Considering this trend, a mobile-app for e-learning may be the best option.

Another thing that you should find out carefully is which operating system should you focus on to create the app. Or perhaps, if your audience base is distributed evenly between Android and iOS, should you go for cross-platform application development.

Top Mistakes to Avoid during E-Learning Platform Development

Creating an e-learning website or app is a great investment. But doing everything properly from the beginning can greatly decrease the time to market and its cost. Below are the key mistakes that you should avoid while creating an e-learning platform.

Navigation Problems: E-learning platforms have large volumes of content both for compulsory and added studies. Make sure that users can find the design course material and start to dig in instantly.

Low-Quality Content: Your content quality, its orderliness, its efficiency, and its relevance are the most important things that contribute to your platform’s success. Even the best design, innovation, and integration won’t help if the content quality is poor.

Not Offering A Separate Feedback Section: E-learning platforms should have a feedback form. It should let the teachers give feedback to their students on their mistakes and progress. It should also enable both students and teachers to share their impressions on their user-experience.

Asking Users to Provide Lots of Data: Most modern users don’t like websites or apps that ask for lots of user information and data. Ask users to share the most important data only.

Lack of Interactivity: Engagement of students is the main reason companies choose to invest in online education. Gamification along with interactivity is the best method to engage users.

Not Vetting Qualifications of Teachers: As discussed already, quality content is important for the success of your e-learning platform. If the platform is intermediate between teachers and students, then evaluating the teacher’s abilities can ensure that the students get better content.

No Free Offer: Before choosing to purchase or subscribe to a course, the students should first find out the content quality and why they should use the free features.

Wrap Up

With all this information, you now are familiar with how you can create an e-learning platform. You should quickly get in touch with a good development company London immediately to get an app created.

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