How to fix You must enable system protection on this drive?

System restore is a feature that comes to use for fixing Windows issues and takes care that Windows doesn’t boot up when turned on. However, when some users try to select a restore point, the listed restore displays a You must enable system protection on this drive status error. Here is how you can fix … Read more

ERR_NETWORK_CHANGED: connection was interrupted Fixed!

ERR_NETWORK_CHANGED: connection was interrupted Fixed!

Every internet user who has Google Chrome installed on their device has experienced the computer problem, which states ERR_NETWORK_CHANGED. The displayed message also says A network change was detected and prevents you from accessing the Internet. However, it is very easy to fix this problem and since it prevents you from accessing the Internet, it’s … Read more

How to fix Hulu error code RUNUNK13 in simple steps?

Hulu is a popular US-based streaming service having a user base spread throughout the world. However, sometimes when you are trying to use Hulu on your browser or through an app, it may display a RUNUNK13 connectivity error which means that there may be some connectivity issues related to the service. But do not panic … Read more

How to permanently fix the Content file locked Steam error?

Throughout the world, many users reported the Content File Locked error in Steam which is frustrating sometimes. It is a minor glitch that mainly happens while trying to update certain games and can be easily fixed. To solve this problem, use the following solutions and try out which one works for you. Reset Winsock Sometimes … Read more

Simple fix: Audio Renderer Error on YouTube

YouTube is growing day by day as a video sharing platform, and the developers are working hard to keep it error-free. However, many Windows 10 users are reporting an error on YouTube about audio rendering. And the important thing is that it is not specific to a certain web browser or a certain Windows version, … Read more

How to fix Skyrim failed to initialize renderer?

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is an award-winning role-playing game developed by Bethesda and is played by millions around the world. However, sometimes Skyrim might fail to initialize renderers. Don’t panic, it is a minor problem and can be easily resolved using one of the fixes given below: Configure Skyrim to match your PC’s resolution … Read more

How to fix Content servers unreachable in Steam error?

Steam is currently having huge popularity throughout the world. However, everything has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. As more and more users keep logging in, it creates saturation and the users will start experiencing issues with the client, such as Content Servers Unreachable which causes download issues. This issue is faced by Steam … Read more

How to fix NVIDIA GeForce Experience with error code 0x0001?

The GeForce Experience, which is NVIDIA’s proprietary software, is used by millions of gamers around the world that allows you to optimize games and update your drivers to get the best user experience. But, sometimes users get the 0x0001 error when trying to start GeForce Experience. To fix this little problem, follow these fixes: Change … Read more