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20 Handy Google Maps Tips to Plan Your Trip!

You were scrolling through the news feed of your Instagram where you saw a picture of a far-off beautiful place that immediately made you realize how badly you needed a break from the hectic routine you’re a part of. You want to move out and be in a place far from where you live so you can forget about your hectic life and take a breath of fresh air. This is when you know for sure you need a trip away from your regular stressful routine.

But before you start packing your bags, there are things that you need to keep in mind to ensure the safety and ease of your well-being throughout the journey. One thing that people do not give much attention to is the pre-planning of all the destinations they wish to visit.

Sometimes you think you will manage it all once you are there, but in reality, when you do get in the situation, things get out of your hand and you have no one else but yourself to blame for being irresponsible and not thinking the whole plan through.

One of the major issues travelers face is not knowing the modes of transportation in the new place. What they do is, waste their time asking around to finally find the obvious answers. This also results in losing time you could have spent sunbathing on Miami Beach while you’re roaming around asking for directions in the other corner of Florida. Here’s a quick solution.

Wouldn’t it be convenient to simply keep the maps in your hands – maps that tell you about your nearest taxi terminals, the distance you need to cover, correct directions, Uber or Ride services, and much more – to keep you guided and safe in a new place?

Plan Trip using Google Maps
Trip using Google Maps

If your answer is yes, then read further to learn all the useful features of Google Maps that can help you during your traveling experience in a foreign place. But the most important thing you need to carry along yourself is a reliable internet connection.

Before getting on to an adventure find a Windstream internet to get yourself a traveling router and internet connection. A reliable internet connection along with you on a trip can introduce you to several unexplored places to discover.

1. Pin multiple Locations

With the latest Google Maps, you have the option of plotting multiple locations to finally reach your final destination. What you need to do is pin the current and the final destination, but select the midpoints as the intermediary stops so you are not inconvenienced by limited options of dropping off to any location of your choice, and the detours you might need. With that option, you can really make the most of your trip.

2. Offline Accessibility

Google Maps do not always need an internet connection to work. If you download the map, you can access it any time of the day without having to depend on your internet connection. But it really depends on your requirements.

Sometimes you need to use some specific features of Google Maps for which you require an internet connection since they can’t be accessed without it. For those times, try to stay connected all the time. You can use Cox internet plans for a reliable, 24/7 availability of the internet.

3. Pin and Re-Pin Locations

Google Maps allows you to maneuver your route whenever you are trying to find directions. You can click and drag any specific part of your direct route to walk or drive wherever you want.

4. Finding Directions

While you have the ease of finding locations on your Google Maps, but that means you need to “know” the location before you search on it. Google Maps is now helping its users to find the list of nearby places they can go to. You have to right-click on the map in order to choose from the list that unfurls before you upon clicking.

5. Measuring Distance

Simple as it may sound, if you are on your car or thinking to walk to your destination, you can now check the distance in kilometers and meters before embarking on your adventure.

6. Carpooling

This application also allows you to share the ride with other people on the same road trip as you, or it also suggests other options like Uber or Ryde to get you to your destination in minimum price and time. Upon choosing your option, let’s say if it is Uber, the Maps will direct you to the official site of Uber where you can meet with your captain upon requesting the ride.

7. Alternative Transits

For people in need of physical aids, this application provides alternative routes for everyone.

8. Edit your Map History

You can edit your map history by removing all the places you do not want to keep in the historical archive. You can also check all the places you have been to, in the storage. It keeps the records as long as you want to keep them.

9. Street View

While Google Maps gives you a clear view of your locality, it can also provide you with a detailed view of your street now. You get a four-dimensional cartographic view in the Street View mode of map-viewing.

10. Uploading your Own Street View

Street View feature also lets its users upload the personal shots of their streets in the application for the convenience of every user.

11. Bird’s Eye View

Using Google Maps
Google Maps Location

Google Maps allows a Bird’s eye view to its users. This view is a merge of satellite imagery and the Street View to render a detailed visual before the users. You can zoom in on the locations for keen viewing.

12. Creating Your Own Map

You are allowed to create your own Google Map for your own convenience. You can add in other people to edit your map. It means that you can let anyone use your map.

13. Finding Nearest Specific Locations

As mentioned before, Google Maps gives you suggestions for places you might want to visit but it also helps you find the nearest places of interest.

14. Learning about Traffic Situations

While on your way, Google Maps will guide you about the clearest routes to lead you to your destination in the shortest time possible.

15. Saving your Parking Spot

Sometimes you often forget where you parked your car especially when the parking area is huge. What you can do is save the spot on the map and on returning follow the direction of your map to lead you to your vehicle.

16. Sharing your Live Location

In case your friends are lost and cannot find the way, you can share your live location through these maps so they can follow you, conveniently.

17. Sharing Recommendations

Once you come back from your trip, you can share your favorite places with your friends so that they know the places to mark on their lists to have a good experience.

18. Using Voice Commands

While you are driving, it is difficult to type and Google Maps understands that well, which is why it offers its users to access these maps through voice commands.

19. Become a Tour guide

Upon returning from the trip, your duty is to help others know of all the good places you have visited. You can be their tour guide by writing down reviews and short guides.

20. Choosing Language and nation-specific Information

The best feature of Google Maps is its ability to customize the app according to the user’s needs. You can translate the application in your local language and get the specific details of your own locality or any place’s specific information to get deeper insights into the places. Keep a reliable internet connection so all these features are always accessible to you.

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