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What Type of Laptop Should I Buy – 5 Tips

Before buying a laptop, a question pops up in mind what type of laptop should I buy? how much should be its screen size? What CPU it must have for performing the task with highspeed.

Here I have given 5 tips to follow while buying a laptop for any purpose so you can easily choose the laptop that fits your budget and needs.

What Type of Laptop Should I Buy

Whichever field you have, whatever your job, always choose the laptop that has the following specs.

1. Long Battery Life

Battery life matters a lot because you don’t have the facility of charging sometimes. Your work will stop completely if your laptop runs out of battery, let you have to present something, and your battery dies.

So always buy a laptop with at least a battery life of 6-8 hours and quick charging capacity.

2. Powerful CPU

For using modern software, your CPU should be powerful. For simultaneously working on different websites, the CPU must have enough capacity. So buy a laptop that has at least an i3 processor of 6th gen.

But if your budget is not tight, you can buy a laptop with i7,i9 processors of 8th, 9th gen.Core i3 processor is present in an entry-level laptop. Core i5 is a major component of the mainstream computer.

3. Portable

The most important thing to keep in mind while buying the laptop for yourself is portability. Because you have to move with your laptop so buy a lightweight laptop.

Laptops of the very large screen are heavy, so not portablehence, if you don’t need to have a laptop with a large screen, then buy a laptop with 14 inches screen.

4. High RAM

If you are wondering what type of laptop should I buy, then buy a high RAM laptop because you have to download heavy software on the laptop and store a lot of data on a laptop.

So laptops with 4 GB RAM are not very much good because their storage runs out quickly. Hence buy a laptop with at least 8 GB RAM moreYou can buy a laptop with 16 GB RAM, 32GB RAM if affordable for you.

5. Keyboard and Screen Type

For clear and sharp images laptop with a full HD screen with at least 1920 × 1080 pixel resolution is good. However,modern laptops with 4K display are also best, but these are very costly.

Always buy a laptop with backlit because it improves vision in less light. Moreover, the laptop with large keys, less travel time, and have soft keys is worth buying.

Final Words

The essence of the above all discussion is that you should buy a laptop that has long battery life, a powerful CPU with good speed for performing tasks quickly.

Large storage for storing data for a long time and laptops should be portable.  I hope now you know the specs you must check before buying the best laptop for docter, medical stuents, and engineering students.

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