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What to Look for in an App Developer?

From restaurants to clothing stores, it seems like every industry requires businesses to have mobile apps to stay competitive. Consumers want convenience and consistency and having a phone app checks of both of these boxes. If you don’t yet have an informational, shopping, or loyalty app, you may want to consider making the investment.

If you don’t have a team member with the skills required to develop an app, you can hire a developer to create a platform that meets all your specifications. However, you don’t want to hire the first developer that comes up on Google—especially if you reside in a big city like New York, where tech professionals abound. For a project this important, you want to carefully select the right developer for the job. When vetting your options, you’ll want to assess the following criteria.

Genuine Interest

The first thing you need to look for in an app developer is a passion for developing apps. Unless they have this passion, they may not be able to give you what you are looking for. This interest will provide him all the motivation they need to understand your specific requirements and work accordingly.

An enthusiastic app developer will not mind going that extra mile to satisfy your exact requirements, even if they aren’t getting paid any extra. There are high chances of such app developers sticking with you for longer.

Experience and References

Before hiring an app developer, you want to look at a few examples of his completed work and talk to a few people they have worked with. This will give you a fair idea about the quality of work you can expect from him. Look for candidates with credible resources who can provide genuine reviews about the kind of work they do.


What kind of tool you need to develop your app depends on the type of app you are developing. Not all app developers may be familiar with these tools. Even if the app developer you are hiring doesn’t know anything about it, a willingness to learn the tool can make him an expert within no time.

Look for someone ready to put in efforts to learn and use the tool you are looking at. They should have a flexible working style and a passion for growth while helping you. They need to be motivated enough to put in the extra efforts required.

Post-development Support

An ideal app developer is one who stays with you even after they have developed the app for you. They should be available and accessible whenever you have a query to clarify or an issue to resolve in the tool. They need to be there to correct every bug that you may face after your app goes live.

Complete support from your app developer will ensure the top-quality performance of your app. You will be able to respond faster while keeping your maintenance costs at bay. Make sure you don’t hire someone who might disappear the moment they give you the app.

How to Find the Right Developer

If you are careful, you can hire the best app developer for developing an app for your website. You can run a Google search or look through some tech blogs, creative communities, and freelance websites.

Although there are ways to communicate with remote teams, it is better to find a local app development team that can give you better support whenever you need it. You can get to know the team and get comfortable with their working style if you look for an app development company in NYC.

  • The team members should be creative enough to make your app stand out
  • They should be able to develop apps across any platform
  • They should be comfortable working with multiple programming languages
  • They should have excellent communication skills that will help you clear all your queries and issue

Explore Your Options and Hire the Best

Skills, knowledge, experience, response, and passion—you need to consider these factors and more when choosing an app developer to develop your app. Shortlist a few options and run a comparison of their quotes and terms before you decide. Your choice doesn’t necessarily have to be the cheapest option if there is a difference in the quality of their service. However, make sure you can get the best value for your money in terms of development, service, and support.

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