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What makes iOS a good mobile operating system?

We all know there are only two operating systems working in the market i.e. Google’s Android and Apple’s Ios. There is one more operating system is in the market that is Windows, but no one is using windows and it’s almost finished.

Now without wasting time, let’s see why iOS is the best operating system in the market?


So, Unix is the popular and most powerful multi-user and multi-tasking OS. Multi-tasking where each user executes many processes at a time and multi-user where the same resources can be shared by several users.

Memory Management

Initially, iOS memory management was Non-ARC (Automatic Reference Counting), Where we need to hold and release the objects. Now, it supports ARC and it helps means we don’t need to hold and release the objects. Its Xcodes take care of the job automatically in compile time.

iOS, Memory Management makes the performance faster.

Native Apps

In iOS, it apps are compiled in ARM Code, which is less wasteful than managing VMs and JIT compilers

Power Efficiency:

iOS is not allowing user’s tasks to absorb the power, instead, they are aggressively controlled. That is with a small battery you can use your system for a longer time.

App Building:

In iOS apps are built with NeXt which is a mature toolset. This technology provides guarantees that apps look and work with consistency.

OS size.

If we talk about the Space in the iOS then it’s absolutely the best OS. Becasuse in the iOS on 16GB Device iOS leaves 12.6GB for the user and other systems push this below 9GB.

Cloud backup

In iOS, it takes daily backup and preserves data, not just basic state but in the working state for every app. You can it restored in the new device also and will become a clone of the old device.


It’s a very important factor. In iOS apps are operating in silos and cannot touch what other apps are doing. Like, stealing your data.

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