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What it Means to Co-Source Clinic Billing?

Medical field professionals have both the obligation and passion for providing high-quality medical care to patients. This lofty goal includes a myriad of moving parts, including making sure your clinic follows billing and insurance procedures. While this can be frustrating, pairing NextGen EMR with NextGen EPM and co-sourcing billing saves time and headaches that often come with the billing process.

What Is Biller Co-Sourcing?

Biller co-sourcing means that your clinic partners with a billing team to develop a solution that fits your needs. Billing teams from various high-performing companies co-source when they need a low-cost way to fill their specialized needs.

Many consulting companies offer programs and services for financial processes. Using the NextGen billing platform and co-sourcing the billing and collection processes will ensure efficiency and accuracy. These experts seamlessly integrate with your team, as they already know how to use NextGen software.

Why Co-source and Not Outsource?

While outsourcing is a popular option among businesses, that doesn’t mean it’s the right option for every business. That’s especially true for clinics. Here are a few reasons why co-sourcing may be more sustainable than outsourcing for your medical practices:

  • Keep Existing Staff– Don’t jeopardize your staff’s trust or loyalty by outsourcing. Instead, co-sourcing enhances your staff’s capabilities without creating fears of being replaced.
  • Pay a Flat Rate– Most outsource work requires your clinic to give up a percentage of its collections and cash. In contrast, co-sourcing providers typically charge a flat rate.
  • No Additional Training– Co-sourced staff are already extensively trained in building out NextGen billing software, which saves your clinic much-needed time when dealing with tight deadlines.
  • Clear Your Backlog– Understaffing, poor configuration, and user errors result in charge and payment posting errors. Co-sourced staff can solve and fix these issues quickly.
  • Maintain Control of Your Clinic— Outsourcing often results in decreased control over your clinic’s operations and decisions. Co-sourcing ensures you’re in full control of all work and output.

When to Use Biller Staff Augmentation Services

Co-sourcing can help your clinical team augment its services. Staff augmentation fills skills gaps in current staff and saves time when things get busy. This process involves hiring short-term staffers from an agency to help your team get back into tip-top shape.

Consider staff augmentation when hiring a full-time staffer or outsourcing work is too expensive or time-consuming. Augmentation services are a cheaper alternative that lets you hire additional staff for only as long as you need the extra help.

NextGen staffing services for billing provides easy and effective staff augmentation. These billers get paid a flat rate and already know how to use NextGen software. When your clinic is going through a merger, expansion, or simply needs extra help, staff augmentation is a quick and convenient way to solve your short-term biller staff needs.

The Ideal Team

Staff augmentation and co-sourcing can help your clinic put together the perfect team. Having the correct people in the right positions optimizes your team’s performance. It ensures that your staff has people with the skills and background necessary to keep your clinic running smoothly.

  • A project manager is key to providing staff with leadership and reaching project milestones. When looking for candidates or putting out other fires, a revenue cycle manager can pick up the slack. Be sure also to hire a trainer who can provide clear and concise instructions for NextGen software.
  • When your team is building or rebuilding administrative processes, you’ll want an application specialist or systems analyst around. This professional provides high levels of technical support that’ll keep your system running smoothly, even when it’s time to rebuild it.
  • The implementation specialist or business analyst liaisons between technical teams and clients, ensuring your implementation of NextGen meets the clinic’s needs and goals while also keeping clients happy.
  • To take the fullest advantage of NextGen, you’ll also want a template and SQL developer. This highly-trained individual has a mastery of NextGen Template Editor, Document Builder, and SQL queries.
  • Finally, no staff is complete without a team of well-trained billers, including augmented, co-sourced billers, and permanent biller staff members to make sure your clinic posts payments and claims on time.

Co-Sourcing and Clinics

While outsourcing may be the trend for many businesses, co-sourcing is still the best option for clinics. Co-sourcing agencies have billers who are already trained in NextGen software. They work for a flat rate and only stay for as long as your clinic needs help. Co-sourcing is still your best bet if you want more control over the work and decisions your temporary workers make.

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