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What is Brosix?

Brosix is a secure instant messaging platform, enabling users to send messages in real time, archive and easily retrieve them for future use.

Users can send an unlimited number of files and media securely. The app automatically compresses messages and initiates a P2P transfer. Brosix contains features such as voice and video calls, text chats (including group chats and broadcast messages), and also allows screenshots and sharing. 

The app uses VoIP technology to transmit voice and multimedia through secure servers. End-to-end encryption via 256-bit encryption software ensures that messages are safe from third party interference. Brosix regularly backs-up data and uses a minimum of two geo locations to store them. Should a server fail, users are automatically redirected to another location. Brosix makes data security a priority.

The app is enabled for desktop and mobile devices, making it especially great for corporate team communication. Its all-in-one communication set-up, ensures that users enjoy a variety of communication options in order to keep internal communication going. 

Installation takes less than a few minutes to set up a team communication network, and administrators have control over user permissions and access to the activity log (which can help team leads to analyze and understand communication flows for better outcomes). This ensures that the app is used precisely for what team leads have in mind, collaboration is more effective, and productivity is guaranteed. With the whiteboard and spell check feature, teams can brainstorm and exchange ideas error-free and privacy protected from privacyonline.

Startups can reduce the occurrence of physical events and achieve more with Brosix’s features for virtual meet-ups. Brosix is great for business communication, allowing businesses to provide customer support through the voice and video chat function. Team leads can easily create chat groups where they add or remove members to collaborate on short- and long-term projects. They can even follow-up on virtual meetups, with offline messages to team members, and check messaging history in chat history feature. 

On the Private Enterprise Team Network, Brosix hosts the servers and handles the set-up and maintenance. And for businesses in the health sector, Brosix helps to ensure compliance with HIPAA regulations, by providing secure channels for the transmission of sensitive data. 

Users who are particular about data security and control can delete all their data from Brosix servers whenever they desire. Brosix never stores data on their servers, except explicitly instructed by a subscriber. The app also scans incoming messages using the device’s antivirus, and allows users to set security levels for access to information. 

Brosix uses four approaches to ensure data security:

    1. Application security: Brosix verifies its apps with a certificate provided by COMODO, ensuring the non-interference of third party activities.
    2. End-user Authenticity: Users must log-in through a number of verification methods, in order to prevent identity and data theft and hacker attempts.
    3. Network Administration: Brosix is big on administrative control, which is why it provides several designations for different admins, to oversee user and group permissions and activities.
  • Brosix Staff: have been trained to prioritize data security and customer experience. Users can rest assured that they are getting the best technical support they need at every point in time.

Users can enjoy free, easy-to-execute, and secure voice calls that are firewall-friendly, that is, voice calls can be made behind firewalls, as though the caller is directly connected to the internet. Brosix ensures security for all types of communication on the software.

One more interesting feature of the software is that it allows businesses and teams to brand their network with the Custom Logo, so businesses can stay true to their brand identity and organizational preferences. With this, clients can feel safer communicating with businesses with their own customized logo and be redirected to the company website (which can be linked to the logo). You might wanna look for Vpnveteran for best VPN services at present.

Brosix customer care and technical support is responsive on several platforms – emails, private messages on social networks, or contact forms. Another support resource known as Brosix Knowledge Base, serves as a guide for administrators and other users as they become acquainted with the software. These ensure that clients can find solutions and adequate support when it is required.

Brosix is available on iOS, Android, Windows, Windows Portable, Mac, and Linux. It is cheaper than other options, charging only $4 per user, with free options for up to three users. Subscribers can easily switch in between plans through self-service, and Enterprise subscribers enjoy full tech support to ensure that there are no hitches or downtimes in communication.


Nikola Baldikov is a Digital Marketing Manager at Brosix, specializing in SAAS marketing, SEO, and outreach strategies. Besides his passion for digital marketing, he is an avid fan of football and loves to dance. Connect with him on LinkedIn or Twitter at @baldikovn

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