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What Are the Things to Consider While Choosing a Cloud-Based Timesheet?

“Either run the day or the day runs you”- Jim Rohn 

Jim Rohn has quoted the perfect saying for today’s Gen Z. Today people have to be on their feets to meet every tiny requirement of clients, for that they have to be excellent at managing time. Time is everything when it comes to completing tasks, and meeting the deadlines.

Decades ago businesses used to rely on various tools like manual timesheets, sand clocks, and other time clocks to track employees and their labour charges. As the time has passed and the world has taken over digitally, to eliminate the time management problems and maintain harmony among the employees, businessmen have started investing into time tracking software and automated the cloud-based timesheet system.

Now, when we are talking about automated time trackers, the first thing that comes to our mind is how to choose the apt one for the business? It requires a thorough assessment of business operations related to employee’s activities and processes like billing services. Only with such a detailed assessment and systematic approach, you will be able to invest in the best software solution.

To make your assessment easy we have curated some questions that will help you in selecting the apt time tracker for your firm.

  • Want to track your employee’s payroll inclusive of taxes?
  • Will you track employee’s time according to the project or task?
  • Will an employee use a different time tracking system to manage their vacations and other self-management functions?
  • Want a customized reporting option in your software solution for employees?
  • Want to track billable hours of the services your business provides?

Here in this blog, we have also curated specific things that you should consider while selecting a cloud-based time tracker for the firm.

Things to Consider When Choosing Time Tracking Software

  • Flexibility of the software

When you are assessing your firm’s need, you will get clarity of what features and functionalities you want in the software. Sometimes, time based software has many advanced features which are not perpetually understood by non-technical minds. Thus, your software has to be flexible when it comes to integrating with tools and eliminating the unwanted functionalities.

Flexibility of automated timesheet software will help in easy accessibility and functioning. Employees will be able to understand the inbuilt tasks and act according to it.

  • Tracking an employee’s work

Time trackers are installed to keep an eye on employee’s tasks and other functions. But, they also come with a customization facility as there are tracking abilities from location to mileage to expenses and other billable amounts. So as a firm selecting time tracking software you need to look into its tracking functionality.

Not every employee of your company will agree to be tracked down on location or mileage. So these options have to be looked for and eliminated from the tracking system. You need to find tracking software which allows you to track their tasks, lunch breaks, leaves, other activities, and produce an overall report of their daily work.

  • Compatible with other devices

Most timesheet software has integration options with other popular software programs like accounting, project management, and ERP system. Now, you have to check its compatibility with other devices like phones, tablets, terminals. Employees get the perks of flexible hours and work from home, so you have to keep in mind that your software might need an integration facility with phones, tablets, and other latest technological gadgets used by them. This will make your tracking easy and there will be no miscommunication among the management and the employees.

  • Choose between cloud and on-premise

The major difference between these two systems is convenience. On-premise works for those firms who have local employees and does not have a flexible working policy with their employees. It also depends on the budget of the software; on-premise is much cheaper than cloud-based. Cloud-based timesheets have many advantages as it allows accessing information from anywhere and on any device. It is updated with every digital revolution and is also customizable. So any human error can be rectified in time if one goes for cloud-based tracking software.

  • Budget of a software

The major eliminator in making a purchase decision for your software is the budget. For on-premise it is a one-time payment and cloud-based software has subscription fees. Sometime tracker software has training and assistance fees included with the initial setup. There are certain other products which are made keeping in mind non-profits and are free of charges. Thus, it completely depends on which combination are you opting for i.e. less features at less money or advanced features at minimal cost or advanced features & functionalities at high cost.

Selecting a tracking tool for the company is a crucial task; one has to go through reviews, features, functionalities, integration with other apps & devices, and more. But such an assessment of the software is an only timely process. After this it conveniently helps in maintaining healthy relation with the employees and helps the firm to grow in a prosperous and harmonious environment.

To avoid any mishap after installation even after a proper assessment, you should look for a free trial package of the software. Such trials will help the management and employees in understanding the automated system as well as let the staff get used to the tracking model.

On a Concluding Note


Like it or not, modern businesses have to revolve around such time trackers to maintain harmony and to promote the flexible employment facilities. At first, it might raise several privacy issues or even alienate workers, but for potential productivity, such micromanagement is essential.

Thus, timesheet software can help a firm grow in a definite direction with all the employees functioning and meeting their deadlines on a timely basis. There is no miscommunication of salary deductions, leaves, and other payroll problems as it also keeps history of years in the cloud which if questioned can be shown immediately. So, opt for your own timesheet solution software and provide a healthy working environment in the firm.

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