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Using Camp Management Software To Improve Camper Experience

Camp Management software is designed to remove the difficulties and hiccups in the administrative and organisation tasks a camp relies on to function well. A smooth registration process that brings together all the information needed to make the camp an enjoyable, safe and instructive experience will enhance your camper’s experience and encourage return customers.

Camp Management Software

Efficient registration process

During online registration, immediate and accurate records are created which can include medications, allergies, dietary requirements and other specific camper needs. Ages of campers and other important statistics can also be added as part of the registration process.  This will ensure that all pupils are covered by insurance and regulatory guidelines, and is an important safety component. Parents and guardian’s information is also securely recorded, and accessed quickly and efficiently in the case of an emergency.

Payment is able to be made at the time of registration, avoiding any issues of late or partial payments.

Grouping organised online

Campers can be grouped and allocated into activities using the Camp Management software. If activities are optional, campers can schedule themselves into the online timetable and calendar applications at the time of registration, and have the flexibility to reschedule before the camp begins. Double scheduling can be picked up immediately, with individual and group options.  According to the nature of the camp, customers can choose instructors and allocate themselves into groups with preferred members, if and when appropriate, providing peace of mind to campers that they will be with friends or group members that they feel comfortable with.

Streamline logistics

For overnight camps, sleeping arrangements can be organised well in advance, and preparations made accordingly. Transport options can also be a feature of the Camp Management software, removing any difficulties campers may have in getting to the location.

Meals and menus can be easily shared.  Movement around the camp and attendance of activities can be easily monitored and recorded, along with observations from camp instructors that can assist the enjoyment of individual campers.

Equipment and sizing taken care of

Having the appropriate equipment, T-shirt, hat or uniform is easier for all attendees, with online sales and ordering possible within the Camp Management software package.  At the time of registration, campers can place orders, choose sizes and colours, as well as making purchase of merchandising or other items such as toiletries and snacks available. During camp, payments and purchases can be incorporated into the POS function and managed  within the Camp Management software system.

Keeping everyone in the know

Communication with campers once registration is complete is also an easy task, with data bases linked to customers’ email addresses, SMS and social media.  This allows notifications and messages regarding the current camp to be sent accurately to all campers, and provides the opportunity for campers to hear about future events as well. Campers can also use the messaging functions to communicate during the event if required.

The use of Camp Management software will streamline the entire organisation of your camp, making the process stress free for all campers and clients, encouraging them to sign up year after year.

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