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Top React Dashboard Templates

The development of the admin area for the React web app that you have is certainly time-consuming. And it needs equal importance as one gives to designing the front end page. Both the pages and web applications should be responsive, pixel-perfect, and user friendly. Here are some of the best react templates that can fasten up the development as well as save a lot of your time and money.

Below you will find the list of top 5 React Dashboard templates:

  1. Light Blue React:

This is a responsive dashboard template that has been made with updated Bootstrap4 and has a transparent unique design. There are many insightful components, varied dashboard styles, and data presentation as well. It is one of the smartest ways for building the website’s admin panel for any device or browser. There are over 30 pages and are easy to integrate into your projects. Thus allowing you to build solutions for future designs easily and can be immensely useful for the development of any kind of web application.

  1. Sing App React:

The best part about the Sing App React is that its build on a modular design. Therefore easy to customize and there are no complications and hence offers the capability to build upon easily. It is one of the react themes that provide the framework to the user and helps with implying complex requirements that come with web apps and can be very encouraging for the user. The dashboard has several exciting and attractive features that include over the 30-page template and is accompanied by many UI elements that can be used instantly.

  1. MaterialPro React:

It is not just one of the best but also one of the cost-effective options that you can go for. It can help you in maximizing productivity. The bootstrap dashboard template can allow you to fasten the development process thus saving a lot of your money. It also provides many UI components and plug-ins that work swiftly with all of the best web browsers, phones, and tablets. There is also a great selection of the UI components that are reusable as well. It has been developed with Bootstrap 4 and has over 250 pages. Some schemes are both dark and light-colored. There are also over 65 UI elements available.

  1. Xtreme React:

Another great yet cost-effective option. This is a nicely designed specifically for applications on large scale. There is detailed documentation with it as well. This has been built on the latest standards and recommendations. You get the power of the Bootstrap 4 framework that’s presently one of the most famous frame-work around the world. Its design isn’t cluttered and modern. You are offered easy to clean and manage codes, and has good customer support. Flexible and scalable architecture offers the power for building any design and functionality without hassle.

Bottom Line:

Having good react dashboard templates can help in polishing your website’s admin area. It also helps with overcoming some of the technical challenges that come with UI components. You can use the admin templates like a framework for creating your application as well as the website dashboard. Having a good UI by ReactJS does need a lot of effort. This is why these templates save a lot of your time.


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