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Top Language Translation and Dictionary Apps for Students

It is recommendable that every student practice a rich lexical repertoire to ensure a thorough grasp of language and advanced linguistic communication. For a student to achieve both goals, several learning tools are vital. Among the essential tools that can help students have proper mastery of linguistic communication are translation tools and dictionaries. It is also a necessary step that allows students to build up their vocabularies. Language translation tools are standard, and therefore, it is essential to establish the best amongst the tools and build up our mastery of languages. Most platforms, inclusive of websites, should also incorporate a feature to translate written content. Doing so enables ThesisHelpers and other websites to create a specific environment where people using different languages can enjoy a perfect user experience. In this piece, we have picked out some of the best and reliable applications that will support students in developing their language experience. Let’s explore eight of the applications in greater detail.

  • Google Translation

One of the standard applications efficient in translating a range of languages is Google Translation. It is one of the most powerful applications that support translation for almost any language. Therefore, if a student needs to learn different words in a foreign language, Google Translation is a reliable companion. The application has many other features and supports offline translation text to image translation, among other essential components. Therefore, if anyone needs to understand given words in a different language of their choice, they can quickly rush to Google Translation.

  • iTranslate Voice

It is also another unique application that supports voice translations. It supports a wide range of languages. Additional features in the application include export and share features that enable you to share voice conversations on various platforms. The app is essential for students to learn and share voice translations and know differences in individual words from different languages.

  • Reverso

Reverso is a powerful language translation application that supports a wide range of features. It is a student companion when the need for learning new expressions or words arises. The application is fast and will provide you with direct translations. When reading through content on the browser, the application provides an instant translation of the highlighted texts. When you get used to these consistent translations, everything might stick on the brain, and therefore you’ll understand other languages you even haven’t been trained for.

  • Ultralingua

There are many dictionary applications, but few provide supportive features just like Ultralingua does. It is one of the best applications on the App Store that supports dozens of languages. It is available at a free cost, and therefore, you won’t strive to pay for extra expenses.

  • com Pro

Another important dictionary application essential for the student is the Pro application. Just like other dictionary applications, it has critical dictionary features such as the Thesaurus. It is freely available on the App Store. Students can download it at their pleasure and learn different languages from a broader scope.

  • Collins-Robert Concise French Dictionary

The Collins-Robert Concise French Dictionary is one of the most incredible dictionary applications that boasts a range of academic and language features. Among the best features are 50,000+ headwords and limitless translations. The application also supports a range of phrases, English and French verb conjugations, and much more. Fortunately, you need no internet to access these productive features.

  • English Thesaurus

The English Thesaurus features a broader collection of synonyms and antonyms. If you have problems with pronunciation, you will be lucky enough to meet this application. The application incorporates a lot of terminologies that aid in building a student into a professional speaker. It is a better choice for students taking language courses. You can access most of the features offline, and therefore, no extra costs are needed. Only one thing will demand internet connection: accessing spell checker services.

  • Merriam-Webster Dictionary Pro

Merriam-Webster Dictionary Pro is one of the fantastic dictionary implementations that gear towards improving students’ and anyone’s potential in handling languages. It is one of the most outstanding dictionaries commonly used among Americans. The application runs on Apple watches, iPad, and iPhone. From the former statement, you can establish its limiting factor: it only supports iOS applications. Therefore, anyone running an Android application is limited to access the informative dictionary content in this application.


Building different language skills is vital for anyone. Understanding and growing your language is one of the essential considerations that will effectively communicate with the rest. Therefore, it is crucial to institute learning various languages through translations and advance our level of expertise in languages through dictionaries. However, there are immediate options that students can rely on when building their mastery of languages. The related fields’ applications are easily accessible, and most of them are simple to ensure that students learn quickly and widely.

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