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Top 10 Textsheet alternatives in 2022

No doubt in the fact that Textsheet was one among the best platforms for all the students seeking to get help for the assignments and work. It soon got down due to the DMCA notice by the original owners due to copyright.

Textsheet alternatives

What is Textsheet?

As talked earlier, Textsheet was an educational website that was used by the majority of the university students for no extra cost.

Why the website is down?

As per DMCA notice, the website is currently down due to copyright violations by Chegg.

Well, a student is left with all the queries unsolved and is left confused searching for all the alternatives. Well, our team did some research and found some amazing alternatives to the Textsheet.

Note: “Tech24inc is not responsible for any misleading answers to the assignment query.”

Some Great Alternatives

#1 Chegg


This is one among the best Textsheet alternative out there. It is because even the Textsheet used its API to scrap off the data from the website. Chegg is an American website for all the high school and university students. Most kinds of assignments, assistance and various academic structures are available. However, it is a paid app that allows you to rent books, obtain free questions and complete homework.

Click to install the application.

#2 CourseHero


This is another great website for solutions to the assignments for more than 25 million courses. Course Hero offers a 24/7 service to all the registered members on the portal. However, one can also unlock answers to access everything which is paid without a doubt.

Click to visit the website.

#3 CrazyForStudy


Another great Textsheet alternative that contains more than 50 million resources including books that comes with a very minimal fee for the subscription. All the students can complete their homework and assignments with the help of the website.

Click to visit the website.

#4 Slader


It is also an amazing and famous Textsheet alternative known and widely used by students in the US. It is not doubting an independent site that works for all the student which is why it has been kept free for all of them. There are dozens of books available for the users to go through and find the desired solution. Due to the fact that it is free, it also comes with few ads and po-ups that definitely decrease the quality of source but overall, it is a great site.

Click to visit the website.

#5 PaperHelp


PaperHelp is yet another great website on the list so far. It helps a user interact using the writing option to have own’s research papers and thesis after paying a small amount. Also, the pricing depends upon the major of the student.

Visit the website by clicking here.

#6 StudyLib


No doubt in the fact that StudyLib is one among the best Textsheet alternatives on the web. StudyLib features a vast collection of all the questions, docs, assignments as well as papers. Any student can download for free and upload it. It is also useful because more than 150k students are already registered on it.

Visit the website by clicking here.

#7 Spark Notes

Spark Notes

If you know Spark, then you must also know that Spark Notes is its own subsidiary. It has been developed by Harvard graduates. The primary focus of this website is to provide high quality content to all the students. Even topics like literature, film, philosophy as well as history are also available on the website.

Visit the website by clicking here.

#8 Quizlet


Quizlet is another American platform that enhances a student’s potential with amazing study material and notes. It is mainly for the users who are not able to complete the assignments. This website has a user base of more than 50 million active users.

Visit the website by clicking here.  

#9 BookFinder

Many students prefer reading books that allows a user to have focus and gather necessary information of the same. The website packs in more than 1000 books of various topics and fields. Also, the prices of the books are very minimal as compared to the physical books. There is ana amazing index that allows a smooth search for the preferred book.

Visit the website by clicking here.

#10 Skooli


This is a bit different from all the other nine websites because this provides online tutoring to all the students. Some of the fields include Maths, Business, Humanities, science etc. Not just for high school and university students, it is also available for junior kids as well.

Visit the website by clicking here.

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