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Tips To Fix Message And keep Stopping Error

The issue or error, “Unfortunately Message has stopped” or “Message and keeps stopping” is very common for Samsung S7, S8, S9, and S10 users.

The error means that the default text messaging app is not working properly. This can be an annoying issue however, this error is temporary and you can fix it, but in a few cases, it can be serious too as you were unable to open, send or receive text messages.

The error needs to be fixed so that you can use the messaging app. Here in this article cum guide, we will tell you a few ways to fix this error.

Fixing Message And Keeps stopping on Android Devices

It doesn’t make a difference which gadget or Android cell phone you have because the structure and software improvement of all gadgets is nearly the equivalent. If the error abruptly springs up with no particular reason, it tends to be tackled promptly by essential investigating or troubleshooting first.

If no fundamental methodology works out or the issue is getting drawn out, we will manage you through essential strategies and arrangements greatly affecting the gadget’s presentation.

Method 1: Restart Device: This is something key and we accept everybody attempts it even before asking any master or expert. You need to guarantee that the difficulty you are confronting isn’t at all because of minor firmware issues. Now and again, there are situations when glitches happen, causing moment application accidents and bad gadget performance.

Henceforth, attempt to perform a power restart and check if the issue after doing this, at the same time press and hold the Volume down button and power key.

This will restart your Android gadget like it typically does, yet this time, you will be invigorating telephone memory, as well, including all applications and services. When the cell phone is active after restarting, open the Messages application, and check again if it crashes. If still the mistake springs up, move to the following arrangement.

Method 2: Enable Device’s Safe Mode: Here how you do it:

  1. First of all, you need to turn off the device.
  2. Now, you need to press the Power button after you get the model name screen of your device.
  3. At the time the logo comes up, you need to release the Power button.
  4. After you do that, you need to press and hold the Volume down key till the device finishes restart the process.
  5. Now release the Volume down key at the time you see safe mode appearing in the bottom left.
  6. Now you are no in the device’s safe mode.
  7. At last, try to send text messages to your number or anyone else to check whether the issue is solved or not.

Method 3: Clear Cache and Data:

If you remove cookies, personal data, user profiles, passwords this error may go away.

However,  in case the problem is with hardware or firmware, this won’t help. Now here you clear cache and data:

  1. First of all, go to Apps.
  2. Then you need to go to settings and then switch to Apps
  3. You need to see the pre-installed applications and go to the menu then show system applications.
  4. Now you have to go to Messages. Then tap Storage and select the clear cache option. Tap precise data and then delete.

Method 4: Device Reset: Resetting the gadget is an exceptionally urgent and cautious advance since it sets everything to default. In basic words, you are sent back to the underlying position when you buy a similar gadget spic and span. The best proposal in such a manner as to take a total gadget reinforcement for dodging any problems.

Note: Device reset must be done cautiously. This is because you may lose everything if a legitimate reinforcement isn’t finished. Likewise, the term ought not to get blended in with the gadget restart as the vast majority of the clients assume.

The error might be smashing the application because of this issue, i.e., the informing application is a pre-introduced one, and such center applications can’t be reestablished without any problem. Furthermore, the equivalent is inserted in the firmware itself, and having any issues implies some extreme firmware issue.

Along these lines, you can play out an expert rest as opposed to uninstalling the application itself. Before this, you need to ensure that you have made all reinforcements of your important information and documents as every one of them will be erased. Also, kindly erase your Google account from your gadget to dodge lockout after resetting. After you are finished setting everything, follow the means beneath. 

Above all else, play out a safe and complete backup on your gadget’s inner memory. If you are having a Samsung account and have enacted hostile to robbery, you need to enter Samsung qualifications first to continue.

  1. First of all, turn off the device and press the Volume up button plus the power key. You need to press the Bixby key as well, which you will discover on the left of your gadget.
  2. At the point when you see the green Android logo on the screen, discharge every one of them, and the system update will begin.
  3. Now you will enter device recovery mode and press the volume down key to scroll down and choose the wipe data factory reset option.
  4. Press the Power button and the master reset will begin now.
  5. After the master reset finishes, pick the choice “Reboot framework now.” Press the Power key to restart the gadget now.


After trying the above-mentioned solutions we have referenced above, you without a doubt probably disposed of the mistake “Messages has halted” or “Message + continues halting.”

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