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The Ultimate Ghost Busting Tools And Gadget Checklist

There are times when you are alone in the room and feel the hair on your neck twitch because you feel as if someone is staring at you. Sometimes, the shadows outside your bedroom window begin to take ominous shapes at night. And let’s not forget the moments you’ve been scared out of your wits because you felt someone’s walking behind you in the darkness.

Who says that ghost-busting is a job only for people who believe in the paranormal? No one! The truth is, if you have felt like something is spooky about your house, you can gather some gadgets and have a ghost-busting adventure for yourself. So if it is late in the night and you are ready to kick some ghost ass, here’s a checklist of the things you’ll need.

A headlight

All spooky stuff happens at night, including ghost hunting. You can use a flashlight, but getting a headlight is a better option. It will allow you to go hands-free and navigate through the pitch blackness easily. Your flashlight should only be your backup. To see marks that are not visible in the normal light, carry a black light.

Voice recorder

A voice recorder will let you capture weird and mysterious noises from your surroundings. As you move around the place, you can ask questions after you turn your voice recorder on. It is said that ghosts and paranormal entities communicate when they are addressed directly or disturbed. So, asking them questions and recording audio is a great way to capture noises around you that may not be audible otherwise. You can also use your smartphone to record audio. But voice recorders are battery equipped, small, and portable, making them an essential Spiritshack ghost hunting equipment for your rendezvous.

A camera

Of course, the whole purpose of your ghost hunting is to gather proof of paranormal activity. So how can you gather evidence without some cameras? If only our eyes could record and project everything on a white screen! The best method of gathering proof is to capture something on video or picture. You will need night-vision cameras since it’ll be dark. With these cameras, you can capture light anomalies and shadows as they move. It will give you ample evidence of the ghostly presence in the place. You can also set cameras in specific areas to avoid carrying them everywhere and simultaneously cover multiple locations.


Infrared thermometer

An infrared thermometer will help you detect colds spots. Cold spots are considered an indication of a ghostly presence. An infrared thermometer will help you notice a sudden increase or decrease in the ambient temperature. All you have to do is take the average temperature of the place and the areas around to have a general idea about the room’s overall temperature. You can then focus the thermometer onto specific spots for the chills and thrills.

Laser grid scope 

A laser grid scope is perfect if you are ghost hunting indoors. A laser grid will project a grid of green colored dots across the room and help identify an invisible obstruction, big or small, fat or thin. Ghost comes in all shapes and sizes! A distortion in the pattern is an indication of a ghostly presence. Make sure you keep the camera and the grid facing the same direction. One way of using the grid is to leave the grid beside a video recording camera and record it. If there are any changes in the pattern, the camera will record them instantly, and you can watch the footage later.

A binary response device

A binary response device is a tool with two options, “yes” or “no.” You can use this tool to ask ghosts some simple questions and hopefully receive their answers through the box. The theory behind the box’s working is that spirits can manipulate this device and use their energy to respond. If the questions are simple enough to be answered by either a yes or no, expect to have a fun time talking with them.

EMF detector 

The purpose of an EMF detector is to detect traces of electromagnetic radiations. It is generally believed that spirits and ghosts emit electromagnetic energy. Hence, the device! Of course, this will require that no old electronics be present in the vicinity, as they can emit electromagnetic radiation and cause distortion. But when such radiations are detected in an empty room, it means something is present in that place emitting this energy.

Transport and storage boxes

Your sensitive equipment, such as cameras, recorders, motion detectors, thermometers, etc., need a safe transportation mode. So when you prepare for your ghost hunting expedition, make sure you get a storage box that can contain all of your things. We advise getting one big box with dividers so that everything fits in it neatly. It will make your job easier, especially if you encounter a ghost and need to run as fast as you can! You won’t have to carry around different bags and carriers for other things.


Hunting for ghosts and paranormal activity is all about being prepared for the least expected things and believing enough to understand what you see. It is more likely that you will catch some weird stuff on camera and tracking devices when you go ghost hunting, but it is your responsibility to distinguish between meaningful evidence and something completely natural. The list we have given above is the ultimate checklist you will ever need to prepare for a ghost hunting adventure. These tools will help you record pieces of evidence of life other than the one we know and the presence of something supernatural in a haunted place.

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