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The Brain Cyber Hack

The brain cyber hack also known as social engineering in the cybersecurity world is sometimes the main component and often the only component which has contributed to a successful cyber-attack.

Often well planned out psychological manipulations and deceit are the main ingredients in social engineering which often result in successful cyber attacks by unrelenting criminals.

Let’s further discover this powerful, yet grossly under protected and under recognized phenomenon in the web security world.

While you discover new and exciting relevant cyber security questions such as what is ram and what is boot sector virus including looking into cyber malware threats such as keylogging, ransomware and much more; it is way too easy to overlook the massive behemoth threat of social engineering.

First Things First

First things first, in the event that you have been betrayed by someone you trust and they planted malware on your device once you allowed them to use your device. In such as case, if a reputable cybersecurity product was protecting your device there is a very good chance it will block any malicious code from executing and causing damage.

So, if you have not purchased a comprehensive cyber security application from a reputable company with great experience and track record, the first prudent and wise step is to download and install a free trial.

A free trial typically spans no more than a month, but in reality if you spend about thirty focused minutes a day evaluating the product you should reach a very solid opinion within less than seven days.

If you are a business owner, it would be advisable to check if this company offers business related cyber security solutions. If you like their solution for personal use, there is a good chance you will also like their business solution. On another note, why not evaluate the business and personal version in tandem.

While evaluating the product, you should look into items such as how pleasant the user experience is, and company curated content such as online help for troubleshooting tips and FAQs.

Reading product reviews on the web from highly reputable unbiased sources including long term customer testimonials will make your opinion more warranted and robust.

Once you have reached a very strong and confident opinion, the next smart and most responsible step would be to purchase the full version for a long period of time such as for a year and even two years. This will ensure, uninterrupted cybersecurity protection.

The Mind Hack

The mind hack or social engineering countermeasures require a great deal of consistent psychological awareness. There is lots of material online that you can use to learn more about on how tell if you are being lied to or manipulated.

General tips relating to manipulation in romantic relationships and even platonic relationships can help a great deal. The manipulating hacker cannot evade psychology and human nature.

Learning more about body language can help to tell of you are being deceived by that person or if they are hiding something.

The Employer Factor

Please keep in mind that if you work for a Fortune 500 company which is subject to cyber security threats such as data breaches for the purpose of corporate espionage or the collection of competitive intelligence by competitors you are at a greater risk of being social engineered.

Your work laptop or any other laptop communicating with your employer’s internal systems could be a treasure trove for a cyber-criminal organization.

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