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The best location tracker app for parents

Everyone now is looking for a handy solution to know about location sharing and tracking. In a world of Technology, everything about each other leads us to the whereabouts of our kids, friends, or family members. Only the GPS system, if you think unable you to rely on that, then you are absolutely wrong. Because you could not check the real-time location without a location tracker app on your device.

Location tracker app, driven by FamiSafe parental control app, helps you in fixing the real-time location of your loved ones Remotely. Hey, even your lost mobile or stolen device could also be tracked using this mobile application. Today is a world of smarter technology and wearable gadgets. having a location tracker app on your device can help our loved ones to keep safer and easier.

There is a wide range of phone location tracker apps available to you nowadays. You can choose, from a wide range but the best location tracker app for parents Is the famisafe parental control location tracker app.

Noticeable features of Famisafe location tracker app For Android and iPhone 

  1. This is an app that needs no introduction. It provides easy access to the live location of the phone which you are monitoring. The device may be of your child or your partner.
  2. This app provides accurate information about the live location and the location history of the device Bing active from one position to another.
  3. Location Tracking system also enables you for the web filtering. You may block some apps and you can also report the app activity feature straight out of the box.
  4. There are also multiple scenarios in which you can use this app. For instance, if your device is lost or stolen you can find it out almost in nearly a respect of time due to the Famisafe parental control app and Location tracker app.
  5. This app is mainly a phone tracker app that helps you access all the functions through an upgraded plan which is available at affordable prices.
  6. You need not handle each and everything on your kid’s phone. After all the initial steps that are asked to you by the app features, you can monitor each and everything on the other smartphone.

How does Famisafe work?

Famisafe location tracker apps work in Android as well as iOS. The process of getting the location tracker app in your smartphone and the target or kid’s device is quite simple. You do not need any advanced skills for running the application of this app. Firstly it worth nothing in the post necessary steps of registering the account. It is an account-based product that is to be installed on 2 devices with the same account. If you login for the first time you can register on the app through the start screen.

If you even pick a paid plan you could get upgraded features and premium packs of the location tracker app so that you could experience full-fledged demonstrations. The first thing you would need to do is to set up the application or service on your kid’s device. The process simple but it still needs a lot of permissions to get in. These permissions are just to ensures all the features of your mobile phone. Administration permission is also required if your children accidentally uninstalled the app.

How to install Famisafe if on your children’s phone


It is quite a very simple process and does not need any expertise in processing both the accounts.

Step 1: – Log in with the account you have just created in the first step and you could get into the app.

Step2: – A new screen will appear on your mobile screen asking you to allow if it is the device of a child or parent.

Step 3: – Select the kids’ option on the screen and then insert information about your children. The information will include the name and age of your child. You will have to give permission to the apps for Accessibility control, notification access, and even run as an administrator.

Step 4: – The run as administrator permission is very important since it will prevent your child from accidentally deleting the app. You have to make sure that all the permissions you have given to the application are working as expected.


For being a phone tracker and location tracker app, these are available on the play store Apple store and Amazon store. The Famisafe parental control app and best location tracker app Will provide you a full-fledged experience. It is much than just a simple GPS tracking app because it has a complete set of advanced tools to ensure the safety and protection of your child. It is a tool that will always help your child 2 prevent from accessing the Internet unnecessarily and controlled by Geofences.

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