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Should You Use JustStream To Mirror Mac to Samsung TV?

If you are a Mac user, you must have definitely heard about JustStream. It is a popular mirroring app that could show you the screen of your Mac device to a Samsung TV. After several of our readers approached us to talk about the software, we decided to use it and give you a solid review for the same.

Are you ready? Let’s get started.

What is JustStream?

If you want to know how to mirror Mac to Samsung TV, then you should get JustStream downloaded on your device. The application will help you mirror for Samsung TV mac free. You need to follow a few simple steps to get the application up and running. After that, it would be breeze.

juststream download

JustStream is a screen mirroring solution that allows users to connect their Macs to almost any other device and mirror the screen without attaching any wires or cables. The application is designed to help you start mirroring your screen in seconds. You can now connect your device to a Samsung TV, a Roku or any other smart device. You could use this solution to watch movies, play videos, play slideshows of images or even give presentations. It removes the need to depend on hardware for mirroring.

What is even better that all major video formats, embedded audio and even external audio work perfectly well in this application. It also supports major subtitle formats.

What was our experience with JustStream?


Downloading JustStream was a breeze. It is a relatively small application that doesn’t take a lot of space. We used the free version of the software that provides you 20 minutes of uninterrupted mirroring in one go. It also has a paid version available using which you can mirror endlessly. The paid service also comes with lifetime upgrades.

We used it to mirror MacBook to Samsung Smart TV and it worked flawlessly. The application is on mute by default. Therefore, you will have to unmute it manually. Otherwise, there is no other issue with the application. We found the UI of the application easy to use and very user friendly. Even if you are not very tech savvy, you would find it incredibly easy to use the application and start mirroring your Mac to a Samsung smart TV.

We also used the application with other DLNA certified devices for one week and found no glitches or issues with the application. It worked perfectly each time without any issues. On other similar applications, we found time lags which made the overall experience frustrating. However, with JustStream, there were no visible lags in mirroring and the functions happened smoothly. We could also see the cursor pointer on the screen, which is a great little feature for people who give frequent presentations.

Overall, JustStream is an application that would be useful for people who use multiple devices and work with multiple screens. If you are one of them, the paid version of the app will be a great option. If you do it less frequently, then the free version will be a great fit.

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