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SEMrush Vs Ahrefs: A Detailed Comparison!


SEMrush and Ahrefs are the two tools that dominate the SEO world. Both are great and work really well, however, if you have the budget for just one all-purpose SEO tool then you have to make a call between these two dominating SEO tools. We understand it is a tough call so In this article, we’ll give you better insights regarding SEMrush vs Ahrefs.

About SEMrush

From keyword research to link building and everything that falls in between, SEMrush is truly an all-purpose SEO tool that will help your site climb up Google search rankings.

About Ahrefs

This was launched in the year 2010 primarily as a backlink analysis tool. But with time, the platform has gradually evolved into an all-purpose SEO analysis tool that can help you with site audit, content marketing, keywords and so much more.

Ahrefs kept on providing new features and soon evolved into a full-fledged SEO tool that now helps you with more than just link building. It’s keywords explorer will help you generate hundreds of content ideas for your target keywords and use the Site Audit feature to find bad fix the SEO glitches in your website.

But it all comes down to does it have what it takes an SEO handling like SEMrush? Let’s see!

Keyword Research: SEMrush vs Ahrefs

Both Ahrefs and SEMrush have commendable keyword research capabilities. SEMrush has a superior hand when it comes to keyword research, and Ahrefs has notable strides with keywords explorer. Over the past few years its the flagship keyword research tool.

Apart from offering a robust keyword research toolkit, SEMrush also has a reputation for providing the most accurate data for search volume. It offers a significant metrics for both PPC campaigns and SEO.

With Ahrefs, it shows you clicks metric, which refers to the average monthly number of clicks that people make while searching for the target keyword. It is a crucial metric to track because some searches generate clicks on multiple results while others may hardly generate any clicks.

Which Tool is Better for Keyword Research?

SEMrush is way better if we are evaluating on the basis of keyword research capabilities. That does not mean Ahrefs is no good at all. It’s just that SEMrush is in a way better league when it comes to keyword research. Ahrefs just shows you search volume, clicks, CPS for your seed keywords. But SEMrush goes beyond that and digs deeper by showing you other crucial metrics such as trend, competitive density, and SERP features.

Backlink Analysis: Ahrefs vs SEMrush

 While comparing these two tools, it is to be noted that Ahrefs rules this sector. But over the last few years, SEMrush has made a lot of upgrades and advancements to their backlink analysis features, including a newly-expanded link index. Despite making some progress in this, SEMrush still runs behind Ahrefs when it comes to backlink analysis. SEMrush has a larger link index, but it’s the ease with which Ahrefs let’s you obtain data that makes it a clear winner!

Technical SEO Audit: SEMrush vs Ahrefs

In this SEMrush is the winner as Ahrefs does provide a fairly accurate picture of errors affecting the site’s SEO. But it takes a long time to scan the website and generate an audit report. SEMrush’s site audit is convenient to use, and more accurate. It offers additional features such as historical charts, crawl comparison etc.

Position Tracking: SEMrush vs Ahrefs

When it comes to position tracking features, Ahrefs and SEMrush are equal. Both these tools are highly useful in helping you track your search performance. So it’d be unfair to declare a winner here as both tools provide in-depth as well as highly accurate rank tracking data.

Final Thoughts: SEMrush vs Ahrefs

In the end, the choice between SEMrush and Ahrefs as your SEO tool comes down to your personal preference and requirements. If link building and backlink analysis are your topmost priority, then you should go with Ahrefs. But if you value keyword research, SEO technicalities, and content marketing over link building then you should go with SEMrush.

Get back to us if you need any further insights, or wish to share your suggestions regarding the same!

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