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Release of liability: when to sign?

A liability waiver is a legal document that protects all individuals or businesses. If companies or businesses engage in activities that may cause injuries, damages to employees or customers, having a liability waiver form protects against liability and possible lawsuits against the company.

The liability waiver has clear and elaborate clauses stating that any injuries or damages that were sustained while using the services of the company are not related to the company itself. That is, the company is not responsible for the actions of the client that may lead to the risk of injury.

In what situations is it possible to sign a release of liability?

You can prepare and sign a waiver of liability both in advance, as a precaution, and upon the occurrence of harm. In the second case, the signing process occurs with a general bilateral agreement between the company and the client as a separate legal document or as a comprehensive agreement.

Often a release of liability form is signed when there is a possible risk and damage in a certain area of activity. For example, there are standard situations, where there is a release of liability providing:

  • During activities that have certain risks – gym memberships, active games on special grounds, competitions, boat rentals, paintball, etc. The release of liability is often signed by parents before school competitions, general holidays, excursions, training and can have a different form.
  • In different types of accidents – having a signature on a liability waiver in such cases is often replaced by a verbal or written agreement to pay a certain amount of money for the injuries or damage sustained. The perpetrator is relieved of any kind of liability as long as he clearly follows the contract.
  • For sales of automobiles and other vehicles, buyers are increasingly being forced to sign a legal agreement that completely relieves the seller of any liability. Such an agreement protects the seller’s rights in case the buyer is involved in an accident, receives fines for speeding or parking in the wrong place.
  • As an information agreement – this format allows a third party to disclose confidential medical, financial, work data for legitimate purposes.
  • Personal situations – the waiver of liability fits tightly into everyday life situations. In the case of lending your neighbors or acquaintances expensive appliances, a lawnmower, a car, a swimming pool, and more.

A waiver of liability can be signed if the client has been asked to look after children, elderly parents or pets, or if third parties have been hired to do work in the house or yard.

What should be spelled out in the release of liability?

The content of the release of liability should be clear, adapted to the specific situation. For example, a release of liability form after an injury has a different look and wording, which is radically opposite to the form of a disclaimer when sending a child on a field trip with the class.

In almost all cases, the disclaimer must contain the names of the client and the company, and a detailed description of the nature of the problem. The agreement can additionally have paragraphs describing the risks which the client assumes by signing the document. Basic release from liability template necessarily includes disclaimer of liability for physical injuries.

In order for a document to carry legal weight in a liability waiver, the client’s signature is important. With the digitalization of many processes the innovative ability to sign any document online without having to be present in the office or another city in person has arrived.

The remote format of the agreement provides for a client’s electronic signature on the prepared digital document. The electronic signature on the release of liability is done with the help of software. It’s easy to find convenient waiver software, for example PandaDoc makes the process of executing disclaimers in electronic form much easier.

If the services of the company or business involve risks, there is always the possibility of a lawsuit for compensation for the damage caused. This requires the timely preparation of a disclaimer form, explaining to the client all the possible risks. Availability of a liability waiver form increases the company’s protection from lawsuits.

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