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Regression Testing: Automated or Manual

Regression testing is an essential element of software development. With its help, it is possible to detect errors in the source code and quickly fix them.

Regression testing can be manual or automated. Let’s take a closer look at what is the difference between these quality control methods.

How Regression Testing Is Done

Manual testing involves the execution of tests without the use of automation. This is the simplest and low-level method that does not require advanced specialized knowledge.

Manual testing is resource-intensive but mandatory. It allows you to make sure that new applications can be further automated.

Automated regression testing is the use of additional software to control the execution of tests and compare actual and expected results.

The main task of the automated method is to optimize the performance of frequently repeated tasks.

Benefits of Automated Regression Testing

Efficiency and round-the-clock work

Automatic testing can be performed without breaks and weekends. Professional test automation services allow you to run tests at night without the presence of specialists at the workplace.

This testing format is best suited for performing the same type and high-frequency tasks in the background, while testers will work on more serious tasks manually.


The faster the tasks are tested, the more work can be completed in a certain time. Automation allows you to increase productivity without losing quality and using additional resources.

Operational error correction

Regression testing is often the last step in software development before release. That is why it is important to reduce the time of its implementation and be able to quickly respond to recorded failures.

Automated testing is accompanied by detailed reports and the creation of visual logs, which provide complete information about the detected errors. They help speed up developer feedback and troubleshoot issues quickly.

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