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PDFBear: A One Of A Kind PDF Tool

Are you tired of having pdf troubles? Do you usually use multiple programs to solve those problems? Is the subscription payment for this software making it hard for you to save? Well, you are in for a treat.

PDFBear is a website that can check out all your concerns. It is an online pdf tool that answers all your problems with a pdf. It offers you many features, including conversions, organization, and even security. So let’s dive in to learn more about why PDFBear is a one of a kind pdf tool.

Conversion For Days

If you’re looking for a way to save money and do your pdf conversions easily, then you came to the right place. PDFBear allows you to convert your Word to PDF online for free. No buying or paying for subscriptions, and it’s accessible since you’re already connected to the Internet. Your image files, excel sheets, and even PowerPoint reports can all convert to pdf now.

But that’s not all. The site also offers conversions from pdf to other standard file formats. It completely makes sense since this feature will complete the conversion cycle, per se. So, if you’re new with pdfs and, understandably, don’t have any idea how to add words or edit the document, you can just convert it to a word or excel file and edit. 

Marie Kondo for PDFs

If you’ve heard of Marie Kondo, then you probably know where this is going. Another feature of PDFBear is organizing your pdf files. How do you even manage pdfs? I hear you ask. That’s easy. You just upload your pdf file to the website, and it gives you three options under its organizing tools.

First, it allows you to split up the pages in your pdfs. This will give you the chance to categorize or arrange the pages in your pdf by topic or whatever order you want instead of having one big pdf.

The second option is it can combine or merge multiple pdfs into one whole pdf file. So if you want to make a compilation or album of your pdfs, you can put all of them together with PDFBear’s merge pdf feature.

Lastly, it will allow you to delete specific pages in your pdf document. Some pdfs are just scanned book pages or manuals, and most of the time, they include everything in the book, even if it’s irrelevant to the main point or a blank page. With this, you can delete unwanted pages and leave out the ones that you really need.

Optimization at Your Fingertips

Having the option to optimize your pdf files is a tremendous help. The site offers two options for optimization. The first is called compress pdf. With PDFBear, you can compress and resize your pdf files without reducing the quality of the document. This will make it your file size smaller, thus saving disk space and making it easier to send through email.

The second option is called repair pdf. If you have a damaged or corrupted pdf file, then this is the answer for you. Their repair kit software will try to fix your broken pdf. If it cannot completely restore it, the software will at least bring it back to a workable state.

PDF Bouncers

When you go out with friends at night and go to the club, do you know what those big guys guarding the entrance are called? They’re called bouncers, and you can get your pdf file some of them too. PDFBear can hook you up with some added security to protect your pdfs from prying eyes.

The feature is called protect pdf and what it does is it will put an encrypted password on your pdf file. This means that your pdf can’t be accessed if the correct password isn’t inputted. You will be able to choose your password, so you don’t have to memorize any complicated passwords. The website can also remove your password if you don’t want to put one on anymore.


Discovering something like PDFBear is truly a miracle-like experience. You don’t see a pdf tool with all these options for organizing, converting, and protection just like that. Typically, if you want all these features, you must pay big bucks. But PDFBear isn’t like that at all. It’s free and easy to use, and accessible anywhere, anytime.

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