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Mozilla Firefox | How to bookmark all tabs at once

Recently, Mozilla released the latest update known as Firefox 64 that contains many latest features like extension recommendations, Windows 10 share support, multi-tabs and many more to count. Mozilla upgraded many existing features like Firefox Tab Context menu in accordance to the multi-select feature to work properly.

After upgrading to Firefox 64, a user can right-click any tab and notice Select all tabs as well as Move tab. The Bookmark all tabs options has been removed and replaced by Bookmark Tab.

How to Bookmark all the tabs in Firefox 64?

To access and use the latest bookmark feature with ease, follow our steps below.

  1. Start by right-clicking on top of any tab.
  2. Find the option named as Select all tabs.
  3. All the tabs will be selected by default.
  4. Again, right-click and select Bookmark tabs.
  5. A new Bookmarks dialog-box will appear.
  6. Enter the folder name and click Add bookmarks.
  7. Click on random tab and remove it from the list.

One can also set tabs to favorite by using Ctrl+Shift+D which is a shortcut to that.

So, this was the whole procedure to get the feature on Firefox 64.

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