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Mobile forms for field data collection

Across industries, as a result of the speed with which technology continues to advance, data-driven decision making has become even more paramount for businesses. The success of data-driven decisions relies on numerous factors, but mainly the overall quality of the data and the method used to collect it. In order to stay competitive in the market, companies need to know when and where there are inefficiencies and if there are certain facets that need to be improved. Therefore, companies should put an emphasis on making sure they have the right tools on hand to provide them with this information. This is where mobile forms come into play.

First off, let’s take a quick look at what mobile forms are, and see what exactly gives them the upper hand. Simply put, a mobile form is a digital form that’s typically used on a tablet or a smartphone which enables you to collect any type of data. These kinds of forms help companies increase their operating efficiency and bring a myriad of benefits compared to paper forms. The advantages mobile forms bring can be employed in many industries, namely the energy and manufacturing sectors, property maintenance, and with inspections in general. Here are just a few of them:

24/7 Availability

The data is there when you need it. Forms can be accessed anywhere, anytime. The collected data is made available to the people who need it as soon as the form is submitted, speeding up decision-making processes with no backlog of data that needs to be manually entered into the computer. All the data collected on the forms can be integrated with different systems and shared with various business units.

Improved Accuracy

Due to their customizability, mobile forms can be tailored to fit the needs of any company. For example, there are required or mandatory fields and validation rules to minimize user errors. Input errors can be quickly identified and corrected.

Easy Field Data Collection

Say goodbye to lugging around stacks of papers. Mobile inspection apps turn mobile devices into smart data collection tools and take convenience to a whole new level. This includes collecting actionable data such as pictures and signatures. If there is an unexpected change or something needs to be added to a form, it can be done quickly in real time.

Prevent data loss and miscommunications

The collected data is saved and uploaded to a system and stored. This takes away the chance of data loss or having to collect the data all over again. Once the mobile form is submitted, it becomes available to authorized employees both in the field and in the office, and is presented in a clear and straightforward way. Due to all team members having immediate access to the same information, the chance for miscommunications or misunderstanding decreases significantly.

Creating a customized data-driven inspection experience

These days, a very topical subject is the proper cleaning and sanitizing of schools, offices, and public spaces. Let’s take a closer look at how inspection software can streamline this process in schools. As conditions, rules, and regulations change, being able to adjust the requirements for inspections is crucial, and is not a problem with mobile inspection apps. Using an inspection forms designer, new categories and processes can be added to the list of tasks with a few clicks. Everything in classrooms from the doorknobs and handles to the windowsills can be on the list to be checked. If it is clear that something was neglected, a picture can be taken as irrefutable evidence. There can even be a question such as: “Were any students dismissed due to having fever?” If the answer to this question is yes, a dynamic inspection forms designer might then prompt the user to input the number of dismissed students. This data gets immediately sent to decision makers who can analyze the situation and take action if need be. With such a thorough, yet clear, set of tasks, parents can have the confidence of knowing the school is taking the right steps to keep their kids safe and healthy.

Put the data to work

In today’s extremely competitive market, staying on top of things is not something that businesses can let fall to the wayside. Yet, thanks to mobile forms, never has it been easier and more efficient to gather the data required to help make the correct decisions. They say knowledge is power, and in this case, that certainly rings true.

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