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Minecraft Not responding in 2020 | Fixed

No doubt in the fact that Minecraft is the most played real time rendering game. It has more than a billion users on all the platforms. Thanks to the support to the consoles as well.

Sometimes, the game just won’t load due to many reasons but don’t worry because in the article we will help you with that. We saw flooded Reddit posts about the same and after thorough research we present his article.

Why Minecraft won’t load?

It might be happening due to crashing drivers, software issues, RAM problem, graphics card as well as many hardware issues. However, the game must be played in Minimum requirements in order to make things work smoothly.

Minimum requirements for Minecraft

  • Windows 7 or later, macOS X 10.9 and newer, Linux version 2004 or later.
  • Core i3 3rd gen or later and AMD A8-7600 and older.
  • RAM must be 4 GB or more.
  • Nvidia 400 series or later, intel HD 4000 and older and Radeon R5.
  • Minimum 1 GB of space.
  • Minecraft release 1.6 and older.

Disclaimer: “Team Tech24inc is not responsible for any malware or crashes in the system using the following fix and that a user should proceed with own’s risk.”

Fixes to the problem

#1 Disabling Discord Overlay

If a streamer is facing the problem, the best approach is to disable Discord overlay. To disable it, follow the steps below.

  • Open Discord and move to settings.
  • In the Overlay tab.
  • Now, in the same tab, disable in-game overlay.
  • launch the application and see if the problem is solved.

#2 Removing Incompatible Software

The famous Norton antivirus is known for blocking features and crashing Minecraft. Now, go to settings of the antivirus and add an exception for the game. Try other apps and check if they are causing the issue and uninstall them.

#3 Updating the Graphics drivers

There is a high possibility that the graphics drivers are outdated that might be causing the error or some wrong driver that has been installed in your system.

Method 1

For this, Install the correct driver from the official website of the manufacturer.

  • Fill in the correct details of the brand of driver present in the system.
  • Make sure it matches your computer architecture system.

Method 2

      If you are a newbie and still cannot find the relevant details about the graphics driver. This method will surely help you with that.

  • Down the Driver Easy software from here.
  • Run the software and click the Scan Now button.Driver Easy software
  • It will scan for all the outdated or corrupted drivers and present a list of all.scan for all the outdated or corrupted drivers
  • Click Update All after buying the Pro version with a minimum charge.

Restart the computer and try installing the update to make sure the problem is fixed.

#4 Try Running the game as an administrator

Due to the fact that Minecraft is not able to use resources at full capacity, it might so happen that it might not work the way it has to work.

To run it as an administrator,

  • Right click on the Minecraft .exe file.
  • Move to the bottom and click properties.
  • In the new pop up dialog box, move to the compatibility tab.
  • Tick the run as an administrator.
  • Click apply.
  • Press ok.

Restart the game and see if the process worked.

#5 Disabling the Mods

Sometimes, the problem lies in the 3rd party mods installed in the system that causes the game to not work properly with sudden crashes. Disable or remove all the mods installed in the system.

Our Fix | Conclusion

After all the above methods, the last one is more crucial which is reinstalling Minecraft on Windows. To do this-

  • Press Windows +R to open the Run dialog box.Windows +R
  • Type appwiz.cpl and click ok.
  • In the folder, move to Minecraft and right click it.


  • Press Windows +R to open the Run dialog box.
  • Type %APPDATA% and click ok.
  • In the folder, move to. Minecraft and right click it.
  • Delete the folder.

Now after doing all this, install a fresh copy of the same from the official website by clicking here.

Install and run the game.

That’s it. Now, restart the PC and Minecraft will work properly in the system.

Still, have any questions to be asked or any other errors stopping the game to load? Comment down below and our team will reply as soon as possible.

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