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Merge PDF Files in 4 Simple Steps With PDFBear

Are you a student? Office staff? Or anyone using PDF files? Need to convert, edit, or change your files? Different tools are available online, but first, let us take a short look at why we use PDF files.

PDF stands for portable document format. Most people prefer reports in PDF since it has several advantages compared to other file formats like documents and text. PDF files are favored when you are saving a final file after the revisions, complete for printing or submission. It protects the text and images from alteration. It is easier to print if you need to change the paper size. Moreover, it is accessible to most devices.

You are using a PDF file for your documents and reports, but you have to make some revisions. You need to either edit, convert, or merge your PDF files. Now, how to merge PDF? PDFBear is the best tool you can find. It offers a lot of features that can cater to your file needs. 

Why Choose PDFBear

PDFBear is the best available PDF tool online, and you can convert various file types to PDF and vice versa. It is easily accessible and can do the job using your web browser, avoiding the hassle of downloading and installing software. It works on any device, in your desktop, laptop, smartphones, or tablets, and compatible with any internet browser. You are confident that it will work with any operating systems you have, whether using Mac, Windows, IOS, or an Android device.

Aside from converting documents, PDFBear can also help you to combine separate PDF Files. It is convenient and only requires a few clicks to organize your files. You only have to follow a couple of simple instructions. They offer cheap and efficient merging of documents compared to other platforms. All tasks are done in their cloud storage, meaning your device storage will not be affected. Other services offered by PDFBear are: splitting one file into multiple files, deleting pages in a PDF file, compressing PDF to smaller sizes, and a whole lot more.

Efficiency with Security

Combining PDF files can be a hassle if you are running out of time. PDFBear saves you from the time-consuming scanning, editing, and saving files into one. Since it is an online tool, some may have issues with file security. Your privacy is their top priority. An hour after uploading your files, they delete all the data from their servers. The PDF Bear team has made sure all files are encrypted with 256-BIT SSL Security. Thus, you are confident that your files are safe and secure.

Using PDFBear to Combine Multiple PDF Files

Open PDFBear in your web browser. You can do this in different ways. Search PDFBear and click on the search result or you can type, both will lead you to their website. Then click on the Merge PDF. 

Let’s get started:

Step 1. Select the files you want to combine. You can choose files from your device or Dropbox. A pop-up will open where you can select the files. In case you have the files in your Dropbox, you will be required to log in to your account. Hence, you may even drag and drop the files you want to merge, which is efficient. 

Step 2. PDFBear merges your files into one PDF file. It will just take a few moments, depending on the number and size of your files. Let PDFBear do the job.

Step 3. Modify your files. Make the revisions you need and then click on Combine or Merge Files when done.

Step 4. Download your file or share it on your Google Drive or Dropbox.

In Conclusion

We are currently in a pandemic, and we are avoiding physical contact. Physical forms of documents can contribute to the spread of the virus. Hence soft copies are preferred. Files in PDF are presentable and easy to read in soft copy. Whether you are a student, office staff, or anyone using PDF files, the availability of online PDF tools saves you time and energy. So if you need an efficient all-purpose PDF tool without compromising the security of files, make sure to check out PDFBear.

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