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15 Best Free Live TV Streaming Sites

Often we look to various streaming sites that offer free videos and movies to you. So, you do not have to worry at all. Today, we will list down 15 top free live TV streaming sites that will help you watch your favourite show without any difficulty and without buying the subscription of it.


USTVGO is one of the best free live TV streaming sites that has around 84 free channels in it. The site is absolutely amazing with channels like ABC, CBS, CNN, FOX etc. Also, various kids’ channels are also there. You can watch these channels on your favourite devices like Amazon Fire stick, Fire TV, iPhone etc.

2. 123TV

Other best free live TV sit is 123TV that will offer you all the channels wherein you can watch your favourite show without any interruption. Further, the most popular TV channels and shows will also be streaming on this site free. The channels like HBO, ABC, CBS, ESPN etc are readily available at the site.

3. Stream 2 Watch

Stream 2 Watch is one of the best online free TV sites that offer you the best quality videos and shows without any interruption or any trouble. You can watch all your favourite shows free without even signing up to the site. All the major TV channels in the USA, Canada, British, Spanish, and French etc are easily available to you and you can watch them free.

4. Time 4 TV

This free TV channel viewing site streams only UK and USA channels and gives you the option to watch them without any annoying pop-up or any unwanted ads. Thus, you will enjoy your favourite show without any trouble or any interruption. Furthermore, all the channels with your favourite show will be streamed in the site.

5. TV Player

This live TV site enables you to access over 40 free live TV channels on any device of yours. You can your favourite show without any interruption or any trouble. But only problem with this site is that you need to sign up to watch your favourite show. It is only for UK users and not available worldwide. So, the only drawback of this site is this only.

6. Airtel TV

Airtel TV is another best free live TV platform wherein you will get an opportunity to watch your favourite show without any interruption or any hindrance. The perk of this live channel is that you can watch any show with this live channel but the only thing attached to it is that you need an Airtel number to access the site.

7. Yupp TV

This free TV Channel has over 100 live channels as well as your favourite movies on demand. It has partnership with all the best channels and those loved by everyone. Also, the site comes with compatibility with various operating systems such as Android, iOS, Roku, Apple TV and various such others. Another fascinating feature of this site is that it is very light weight and does not use much data of yours. Also, the video quality and the user interface of the site are worth mentioning about.

8. NFL Stream

This free live TV site has various perks and one such is that it comes with various languages like Spanish, Italian, Arabic and French and many more. Also, the playback related problems are also not experienced by the users. It is suitable for any devices such as android, Apple, and various such others. Thus, you get an access to all the regional and global content without any trouble.

9. NFL Webcast

NFL Webcast is the best free live TV channel giving you an opportunity to watch your favourite channel without any interruption. You can even watch this channel on any play station 24*7 for free such as android, iOS etc in HD and SD quality too.

10. TVC Catchup

TVC Catchup is one of the best live free TV channel that offers you a list of the best channels and that too free. It works equally well on any smart phone and laptop as well. The app of this site is also available on play store and apple store, thus you will not face any difficulty watching your favourite show.

11. Hot star

Hot star is the emerging best free live TV channel giving you an opportunity to watch any type of show in it. You also have the option to watch shows in 9 different languages without any interruption. Also, the hot star original offer various exclusive and meaningful content that is loved by everyone.

12. com

This is another best live TV channel that has the best user experience and enables you to watch any show or video without any interruption. The homepage has various salient features that give you all the facility to access your favourite show. Thus, this site is a blend of various good features with latest technology.

13. Squid TV

This is the best global streaming platform that enables you to watch your favourite show on any device. High quality content is the perk of the site with good user interface. You also have the option to watch regional shows too.

14. Streema

This site ahs the biggest stock of Radio and TV channel giving you a variety of options to choose from. No ads or any pop-ups can be seen but you will watch the show without any interruption. Thus, you have to watch your show in this site.

15. Cinema APK

Cinema APK offers you the best quality content with updated and fresh shows and movies. Various features like trailer of the show, videos, movies etc can be seen in it. Further, it is compatible with all the devices.


So, here goes your list of top 15 best free live TV streaming sites with variety of features like good quality videos, shows, thousands of channels, good user interface etc. Thus, you do not have to waste money buying subscription but can watch your favourite show without any trouble.

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