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Why Go For a Live Automated Webinar? A Marketing Strategy You’ll Need

Have you used live automated webinars in your current strategy? If you haven’t, you may be missing out on a lot of opportunities!

An automated or evergreen webinar is even better than live webinars. This is because they are recorded rather than broadcast live. But, pulling together both live and automated webinars in one platform at a time is better.

So how and why should you count on a live automated webinar as part of your marketing strategy?

Automated vs. live webinar

An automated webinar is exactly that pre-recorded. You record it ahead of time and make it available on-demand or at a predetermined time.

When it airs, you are not required to be present for your audience. Even if you have your vacation or rest, automated is a great way for your marketing strategy.

On the other side, a live webinar takes place in real-time. Everything is live, so when the webinar begins, the host is right there with the attendees. Most businesses use live webinars to connect with attendees and get genuine feedback.

A live automated webinar combines the benefits of both automated and live webinars.

It is in a way that best suits your company. For example, you may go live while recording your webinar at the same time.

Functions in the same way as live webinars do

In the world of marketing, automated webinars are being used to avoid mistakes. If you insist on giving a flawless video, this pre-recorded webinar platform is the way to go.

But, there is now a live version of automated webinars, which makes you wonder how it makes a difference. You can use this to fine-tune your presentation until it’s flawless.

While presenting it, you can do some actions like live webinars can. This includes:

  • Provide a call to action. Follow up-to answer any questions, comments, or concerns they expressed during the viewing.
  • Interact with your presentation in real-time via live chat.
  • Attendees can add comments as the video plays.

The ability to pick one’s schedule

One of the best parts is that you are not competing with the clock. You’re free to plan, prepare and do practice any date and time you want.

To start performing a live webinar, you can send a series of reminders. This is through emails to your webinar audience in the days and weeks preceding up to the live event. So, audiences can pick when and where they wish to see presentations. It’s one way of giving them more flexibility with their schedules.

As much as you can, send them a link to sign up for the webinar. You can remind them to attend the said event and do some necessary actions.

Easy shareable

Keep the webinar interesting and engaging. Record the webinar, and take that recording once the event is over. Then, your attendees can now replay what you have performed. Certain businesses use Webinars as stand-alone solutions.

Put it into action, posting it on your website and sharing it on social media. Take a look at folks that have YouTube channels and post a fresh video on a regular basis. They also share the link and video on other social media, even on their email list.

A lead generation tool & strategy

Because the presentation can be live or recorded, this becomes more visible to anyone. You may use it as a useful platform at any time. It is a strategy that will never fail.

You can put registration, landing pages, and thank-you pages. It depends on your technique on how you present your webinar. Tips to include are to optimize projects and efforts to increase inbound lead counts. This is resulting from increasing income for your company.

You can reach a bigger range of potential customers at no extra cost by hosting these webinars. You can do this regardless of the size of your company, and especially for start-ups. It will provide a significant boost to your target market.

More opportunities

A webinar is to give value to your company as well as your brand. So using this method can surely organize and improve your skills and income.

Every time you organize a live automated webinar, you place prospects in front of your brand. It is beneficial regardless of how old or fresh your company is.

Regular hosting, both live and automated, attracts people interested in your field. This will also direct their attention to certain products. This will be beneficial in drawing attention to emerging products or services that haven’t yet taken off.

Get the best of both worlds!

A vital component has been added to your sales funnel. Although one of the benefits of live automated webinars is that you may reuse them, this does not rule out the opportunity of creating new ones.

But, as you grow better at recording webinars, it will become much easier to start a new one whenever you want. Also, it’s important to choose the right webinar software.

Learn from your first webinar, and polish. Then remember the important elements you need for the next event.

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