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List of top ways to optimize your conversion funnel for both mobile and desktop

It doesn’t matter whether you run your business on mobile or a computer, but I’m sure you want to get conversions as quickly and as long as possible. To help you increase the conversion rate of your website, I’m going to share with you some tips and tactics for both devices, mobile, and desktop.

But before that, I think it’s important to clarify what we mean by conversion funnel.


If a conversion funnel is well optimized, users can easily move through the process without running into any issues. However, to do this, it is essential that you first identify the need of your consumers, and then, once you have that, you need to maintain their interest. This is especially important if you are trying to get more leads in the B2B sector.

The conversion itself can be interpreted in several ways, depending on the specific purpose of the site. Conversion is defined as any activity on a website that is carried out by a potential user. Whether it is making a payment for a webshop or subscribing to a website newsletter. And what is the funnel? A funnel is the path taken or, in this case, the time it takes for the user to add products to the shopping cart on the webshop, make a selection and then complete the conversion, i.e. the payment. This is how the concept of a conversion channel or conversion funnel is made up. The two concepts are identical.

This invisible funnel narrows steadily as we move downwards. We all know that a lot of people visit a website every day, and few of them will convert. Of course, the aim is that as we move down the process, we want to retain more and more potential customers, which can only be achieved by optimizing the website.

The stages must be adapted to the needs of the customers, as this is the only way to achieve more conversions. It is therefore advisable to think through each step and optimize it according to the needs of your visitors. Within the conversion funnel, we distinguish between 4 levels, which, although at different levels, are interrelated:

  1. Awareness
  2. Interest
  3. Decision
  4. Action

To make your conversion funnel work effectively you will need more time. The key is to make your site enticing, providing value to visitors.

And now let’s see how you can optimize the conversion funnel for both devices. In the following, I’ll share with you methods that are important for optimizing the conversion funnel of your website on both devices, mobile, and desktop. So, they are equally applicable to both devices. Here:

1. Know your audience

It’s important to always focus on your target audience. Don’t try to win everyone over. If you want to sell to everyone, you are not selling to anyone.

Identify the people who are potential customers for you. If you don’t do this, you can lose a lot of money and time. The better you get to know them, the more likely they will end up becoming your paying customers.

2. Produce content that creates value

Focus on the needs of your target audience, because you need to find solutions to their problems. It is important that they can solve their problems and get value from your website. If they are satisfied with your website, they will become returning users, which will be reflected in your conversion funnel.

3. Keep in touch with your customers

To increase your conversion funnel rate and show high numbers, it is important that you can stay in touch with your customers, both on mobile and on PC. The question is: How? This is where email marketing comes in. If you can’t communicate with your customers via email, it will be very difficult to increase your website conversion numbers. It is almost impossible to achieve success without contacting them.

However, if a potential visitor is willing to give you their contact details, you can be sure that this user has something in mind for your website.

If you create strong content and provide value to your visitors, they are more likely to share their email addresses with you.

4. Be different from your competitors

Once you’ve identified what your users want, it’s important to keep them interested. However, there are probably plenty of businesses in the market that does the same thing as you, but you need to try to be different and better than them.

It is important that they can differentiate you and your service or product from your competitors.

This can be a difficult area, but if you can adequately assess what your competitors are doing, you can easily find the key to how you can be innovative. Innovation matters when it comes to conversion funnel optimization.

5. Employ pop-ups

Pop-ups are a divisive tool in the world of digital marketing. Companies love to use them, but they are often overused. They should not become a distraction for the audience.  However, pop-ups can be very useful, especially if you want to achieve conversions.

A pop-up can help to draw the attention of visitors to a promotion. It can help to remind users to subscribe to the newsletter. In a word, they can be used to generate conversions on the website.

Use them, but don’t overdo them. But if I can advise one thing, the role of pop-ups is less favored on mobile devices. Users find them very annoying, so you should prefer not to use them on mobile devices if you want to drive conversions on those devices as well.

6. Support your visitors if they get stuck

They are playing an increasingly important role these days, and we can’t imagine websites without chatbots. It’s important to always have some kind of tool available for your visitors in case they get stuck at some stage of the conversion funnel.

Telephone customer service can also be a solution, but users are often reluctant to choose it if they have the option of using chatbots.

Don’t leave users with unanswered questions, because if they don’t get an immediate answer to a problem, you could lose them and your conversions will lag.

7. Completing the purchase is key

For you, the purchase ends there and is considered successful when the potential customer has paid for the products in the basket. However, this is often not the case. It often happens that people put the products they want to buy in the basket, but end up not paying.

The main cause of cart abandonment, and the reason why 41% of shoppers leave the website and do not purchase products, is when they find that registration is required to make a purchase. To avoid these and increase your conversion rate, you should provide a mechanically created personal account or visitor checkout.

8. CTA

CTA is one of the best tools to generate conversions. Use CTA tools that encourage potential users to generate conversions. CTA tools should be clear and to the point.

9.Employ loyalty programs

You need to develop a relationship of trust with your customers. They must trust you and return to you. To build this relationship, use loyalty programs to ensure that they remain loyal to you in the future. Loyalty programs can help you build lasting relationships that lead to conversions.

Provide your customers with unique loyalty packages with discounts and exceptional gifts. Users are more likely to engage with websites that offer them loyalty promotions in addition to value.


We can see that optimizing the conversion channel is proving to be one of the most important tasks in the world of digital marketing.

It needs constant monitoring and development, and a game of patience that requires constant monitoring will yield the expected results.

It pays to keep up with the constant changes in visitors and competition. Always stay on top of progress and don’t be intimidated by small changes.

I hope I have been able to help you. Apply the methods mentioned above to achieve success.

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