Internet connection from dial-up to Starlink

The Internet is a type of computer global network that connects all the computers in the world, that is, most of the computers in the world are connected to each other from the network that is called the Internet. Millions of computers around the world need a number known as Internet Protocol or IP Address. The innovation of the internet, dial-up to Starlink Satellite internet has brought our world closer to closer. The high-speed connectivity like spectrum specials has made it possible.

In this article, we will learn about internet technology and the innovation of the internet from dial-up to the potential Starlink Satellite internet.

Internet Technology

The Internet is used in two ways. Firstly, we use the internet through satellite. Secondly, we use the internet through the fiber optic cable that is laid in the sea. 90% of the internet we get is from the optical fiber cable in the sea and 10% of the internet is through satellite. So almost all of us use the internet through optical fiber. Thus, data is transmitted easily from one place to another.

If you do not have an internet cable connection to your mobile, then the answer to how you use the internet is to have an optical fiber connection with the mobile tower in your area. This in turn converts the signal from the optical fiber into an electromagnetic signal. This way the network reaches your mobile. You need to connect to a server to use the Internet. This server presents the information that users want to know. The company whose Internet connection you use is called ISP (internet service provider). You need an internet connection from any company to use the internet.

The Internet basically works in these three processes. The first is the server where all the information is stored. The second is the ISP which is where you get the internet service from. And the third is the mobile computer or any device through which you will search for information. When you collect information through the internet in a browser or search by typing something. This request first goes to the ISP then the ISP searches that information on the server and finds that information from the server and presents it to us through the ISP.

Innovation of internet connectivity (Dial-up to Starlink)

There are several types of internet connections. The types of internet connections users use are discussed below.

  • Dial-up connection

This connection method is used when computers are accessing the Internet through telephone lines. A Dial-up connection creates a temporary connection between the IP server and the computer. These temporary connections are made through the modem. The cost of this type of connection is also low and the speed is also not satisfactory.

That means the Internet connection that is available from the standard phone line is called dial-up. Here the modem connects the computer to the phone line and acts as a medium for data exchange. When a user wants to start a dial-up connection, the modem dials the phone number of the Internet Service Provider (ISP) and ISP receives it automatically. Then the ISP turns on the internet connection. The whole process is completed in ten seconds and the beep sounds until the connection is made. This Internet connection is on until the user is disconnected automatically. Internet connection may be disconnected even if the phone line calls are made.

  • Broadband connection

Telephone, ISP or cable companies can provide such connections. The speed of broadband connection is high and the cost is relatively affordable. This type of internet connection is mainly used for high speed. For example, DSL Internet.

iii. Wireless internet connection

Wireless means providing an internet connection without any kind of wire. This connection mainly provides internet service through radio frequency bands.

  • Satellite internet connection (Starlink)

This type of internet connection is mainly provided by satellite. The satellite internet connection is the internet connection provided through a satellite signal. Starlink of Elon Musk is spreading this technology all over the world.

Starlink is SpaceX’s satellite internet service provider. Starlink is currently in beta testing. The Internet can be accessed from Starlink through a direct connection to the artificial satellite launched by SpaceX. The company claims that the internet speed will be 1Gbps and sometimes a little higher. Needless to say, it is nothing less. 4G LTE speed gives 100 Mbps. That means Starlink will give 10 times more speed than that. Although it is less than 5G. But not too little.

There are some other internet connections as well. For example, Mobile internet connection, ISDN connection.

To sum up…

The Internet is one of the means of communication in today’s world. The importance of the internet is immense behind the development of this world. At present, the whole world is slowly being digitized for this internet. Without the Internet, however, we cannot survive for a moment because the Internet has become a hub for education, communication, technology, and entertainment. Hope you have learned about the internet technology and innovation of internet connection from dial-up to Starlink.

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