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HTML Coding Practices-Edited

Do you know some important HTML coding practices tricks? Have you ever thought about the necessity of HTML coding practices? Let’s gain some knowledge about HTML & some important HTML coding practices skills.

HTML Coding Practices-Edited

But before we start our discussion about HTML coding practices, let us think about why should we need to learn it.

For that purpose, assume one scenario.

Suppose, we are fond of cricket. You want to be a cricketer in the future. For that purpose, you need to practice cricket. But to practice cricket, you first need to learn how to hold a bat first. This is the preliminary stage. Then only you can practice cricket.

Without practicing how to hold a bat can anyone able to play cricket? It is not possible, Right?

The same thing goes for here also. Coding with HTML is the same as the process of holding the bat. If you didn’t clear the HTML coding basics, it will be difficult for you to become a web developer. Coding with HTML helps to build a proper website.

Let us first know about the HTML coding language briefly. It will help to understand the topic in a better manner.

What Is HTML Coding Language:

HTML is the most important coding language in the web development field. To understand some tricks related to HTML coding practices, we need to first clear the HTML coding basics. HTML stands for a hypertext markup language. It is solely responsible for developing websites or web pages. It is the programming language that is responsible for the structure of the websites.

There are a lot of elements present in HTML. Every element serves a particular requirement. Like some elements are there to make a better heading for the webpage. Similar some elements are responsible for the engaging links with the webpage. HTML stands upon those elements. It simply runs on the machine browser. It describes the content of the webpage to the browser & displays it. Best HTML practices can help you to become a web developer in the future.

Importance Of HTML Coding Language:

HTML is the building block of web development. There are mainly three programming languages present in the web development field. They are HTML, CSS & JavaScript. They are interconnected with each other. Without one, a beautiful, performing website can’t be developed. All they are will be connected by the coding.

HTML is the basic structure of websites. It is like the skeleton of a human. Without a skeleton, a human body can’t able to stand & walk. CSS is like the skin of a human. A skeleton itself is not beautiful enough. Human skin helps to make us beautiful. CSS is the same thing. CSS works on HTML. Then they make some beautiful websites. But only HTML & CSS is not enough. There is JavaScript also.

JavaScript is like the muscles & nerves in humans. Only the skeleton & the skins don’t make us complete humans. We should have to perform several tasks. JavaScript helps to make websites more interactive with the user. All these three make a complete website or webpage together. Many students study HTML, CSS and JavaScript and they often ask for help in the coding. So, If you wanna get HTML Assignment Help, you can always reach out to codingzap for best  HTML Help.

This is the reason why HTML is so important. Best HTML practices can help to understand the other two languages in a better manner. More & more HTML coding practices can bring confidence to us. Web development is a growing industry nowadays. So, we have to do HTML coding practices most of the time.

Important HTML Coding Practices Tricks:

Often, we make some errors while writing the HTML code. These mistakes can create serious problems in the future. When we want to develop some big applications using HTML, then this problem arises. So, we have to be very clear on the basics. We have to practice the writing style of HTML.

Here, we have made a list of five points. At the time of HTML coding practices, these points should be remembered.

  • Use Proper Structure: HTML is not that much sensitive as other programming languages. If you made some mistakes, you can able to overlook them. Then it displays the proper output in the browser. But these mistakes can create problems in the future. There are many elements in HTML. Depending upon the use, we insert them. But if they do not apply to a certain code, then also it is a good practice to insert them. Like <head>, <body>, etc. The structure of the HTML should be followed.
  • Tags Should Be Closed: We often make the mistake that, we forget to close the tags. In HTML, all elements have an opening tag & closing tag. Programmers used the element’s opening tag. Then they write their code inside of it. But after writing it, they don’t close it. This makes it a problem to execute the code. We have to remember this thing.
  • Use Lowercase: The HTML can able to read the elements which are mentioned in lowercase. It is not complicated as other programming languages. Elements written in uppercase can be read by HTML. But it is advisable to only use lowercase & make it a practice. It will help a lot in corporate.
  • Make Differences: In HTML, there are a lot of elements that perform the same operation. Like the <em> & <i> element performs same operation. It italics the output statement. The <b> & <strong> element performs same operation. It bolds the output statement. You have to practice those things. You need to find out the differences between them.
  • Validate Every Time: As a beginner, you should always validate the HTML code. Otherwise, where you have made mistakes, you can’t able to find them. So, it is advisable to always execute the code after making any changes.


As we saw HTML coding practices are very important.

HTML coding language is the backbone of the web development industry. Best HTML practices can help to develop the skill.

We need to first clear the HTML coding basics to understand the topic in a better way. Coding with HTML is the best way to get knowledge.

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