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How to Recover Data From Water Damaged Hard Drive?

Water is harmful for any storage media as it can seep into the hardware and damage its delicate elements. The fun fact is that it is not water which creates problems but the impurities and components present in the water. They create an unwanted circuit in the hardware which lets the current reach the places where it was not supposed to go in the first place.

Although it doesn’t happen, if the water fails to create new circuits. The drive will remain undamaged, even after getting in contact with water. However, the drive can still have problems in future as the water can cause corrosion or a chemical reaction between metal and the circuit board.

The best way to deal with it is to recover data from water damaged hard drive and store it in a new storage medium to save the data from further damage. However, it is not as easy as it sounds. A set of instructions needs to be followed to do it carefully for hard drive recovery.

Points to be considered for Data Recovery from Water Damaged Hard Drive

  • Separate the drive from water carefully: Do not let the drive sit in water for too long, instead remove it from the water carefully.
  • Turn off the drive: Turn off the drive immediately and do not turn it on even if the drive is dried up (which is not recommended).
  • Do not open the drive: Do not try to open or dismantle the storage media as it can make the process of data restoration difficult.
  • Do not dry the hard drive: Do not try to dry the hard drive as it can leave residues on the platters which may be contaminated and lead to physical degradation while being removed.
  • Keep it wet: Although it does not mean that you leave the drive in the water, but not to put extra efforts in drying the drive. This prevents the hard drive from corrosion which makes it easier for the technicians to clean the surface of the platter with minimum damage.
  • No plug-ins: Do not plug in the drive to any computer or laptop as it can cause further damage to the device, making the data difficult to recover.
  • Rush: Although everyone suggests not to rush with anything, this is a scenario where one should rush to the highly skilled professional as delaying that could lead to corrosion and damage to the platter.

What to do next?

As already mentioned, rushing to data recovery services provider should be the first thing to do after taking all the said precautions. One such data recovery services provider is Stellar, which offers a great service of recovering data from water damaged hard drives. The data recovery experts at Stellar are highly trained to recover data from drives which are non-detective and non-responsive. Not just expert hands, but Stellar has Class 100 Clean Room labs that ensure upto 100% data recovery from damaged hard drives.

Data Recovery Process at Stellar:

  • Submission of Media: The first step of the recovery process is submission of the storage media. You can either come on your own to submit the media or opt for free pick up service.
  • Media Diagnosis: During this process, our specialists go through the affected device thoroughly and analyze the lost data. The report of this analysis contains the following information: (i) State of Media (detectable or undetectable); (ii) Problem Type (physical failure or logical failure); (iii) Possibility of Data Recovery; and (iv) Time/Cost Estimation.
  • Consultation with Customer: The report is discussed with the customer and the queries are cleared.
  • Data Recovery: The data is recovered by using proprietary tools and then delivered to the customer.

Why Stellar for Water Damaged Hard Drive Recovery?

  • Spare Transplantation: The complex task of replacement of spare parts of the damaged hard drive is easily handled by our team of experts. This ensures that the damaged drive becomes accessible for data recovery.
  • Cloning: It is a process of duplicating data on the affected drive on a new drive which is exact and uncompressed. This drive is used for recovery of the lost data.
  • Data Delivery: The data recovery technicians deliver the recovered data on a new hard drive which could or could not be purchased by the customer. The drive will contain all the data approved by the customer.
  • Data Wiping: The Company will retain the data as a backup for the customers for the first seven days and post that it will be wiped from there.


If you’ve lost data from hard drive due to water damage, make sure to turn to a professional data recovery provider such as Stellar. With Stellar data recovery India, you can expect 100% data privacy as well as safety and security. The transparent data recovery process is what makes it deserving of being the first choice of all the customers in need of data recovery.

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