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How To Pick A Concealed Carry Belt?

Why is it important to choose a good-quality conceal carry belt?

The conceal carry belt is used to carry a gun, mag carrier or even mobile in your pants, however a simple belt made up of leather is not capable of carrying such type of things as it is not so strong to hold such an extra weight.

When we put such extra weight, it can develop marks on our skin and irritate us. The gun belt that are made with low quality leather materials will lead to “gun sag.” As a result of gun sag anyone can see your gun, or there is also a possibility that your gun might get fall out of the holster. Therefore, it is important to choose a gun belt very carefully here in this article I will give you some tips on how can we select right belt for holding our gun properly.

That is why, in order to keep a gun properly it is require to choose a gun belt which is made up of nylon or web instead of leather. As these materials are considered as the highest-quality material, also if you are an adult and love sober colours to wear than you have to choose black or brown colour of belts.

Rather than single-layer, you should prefer two-layer belt because it can be harder as compared to single layer belts.

While choosing a belt check whether it contains an internal stiffener as it won’t let the belt to gets damaged or lose its shape. There are various material of belt that are made with stifferener such as ABS, Kydex.

Also check whether the belt is adjusted or not. Prefer those belts which are easy to adjust. “ratchet” belts are becoming more popular in market nowadays as it offers you a ratcheting buckle which will be very easily adjusted in all circumstances.

Here are three most recommended Belts for carrying a gun properly:

Ops Brand DDU Belt

Ops DDU belts are specifically created for load-bearing, it is a great choice for regular transportation and strategic situations. The buckle is made with HD nylon webbing that has a great durability or tear resistant, includes a battle-buckle material that offers more durability and can be used regularly without any harm.

Alpha Gear SR EDC Blue Belt

This belt of Blue Alpha gear is designed with premium nylon webbing and it is double layered to become extreme durable. The buckle is flexible and easy to use, however, the awake nylon webbing is tear resistant and can be easily used even in most intense tactical conditions, for example against many intense weather conditions.

Tactical training belt

In case you are searching for supreme durability or a belt which little weight while walking. This Console Carry Weapon Belts are designed with a premium double stitched, made up of tear resistant nylon mesh substances for more durability, that make sure that this belt will be able to stand for many applications.

The buckle is also extremely durable, 1 inch wide to fit perfectly with all traditional belt buckles. This strategic 5.11 trainer belt have a stainless steel double buckle along with the score of 2722 kg and is completed in a trendy matte black color.

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