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How to Outcompete Your Rivals on Amazon

Amazon is an incredibly vibrant and competitive marketplace. With hundreds of thousands of individual stores and hundreds of millions of visitors each month, it’s the world’s busiest bazaar – and one that can see you generate a huge amount of sales if you find a competitive advantage over your rivals. This guide is all about how to leverage tried-and-tested techniques to enhance your store and get more people, not your product pages – boosting your sales and helping you rise above your competitors in your given niche.


 First up, you should identify your main rivals on Amazon. You’ll probably have an idea of some of the biggest names in your niche. Simply type in the name of each of your products to see which other stores are featured around yours in the Amazon listings to get an idea of who you’re directly competing with. Look at their product listings to see if they’re doing anything better than you. Some will have brilliant descriptions, and others will boast professional product photographs. Some will have more reviews than you, and others will have cheaper products. This research will show you where you might be able to make improvements to shift more products.


 There are many ways to market an Amazon store, but one of the most cost-effective and rewarding is to engage in PPC advertising – or pay-per-click advertising. This marketing technique will place products in front of the eyeballs of web users that you believe will be more interested in buying your products. You’ll only pay for that exposure privilege if they click on your product to view it on your Amazon store. To make the most of this marketing technique, Nuanced Media offer Amazon PPC management to help you rise above your rivals in terms of exposure and sales.

Price and Quality

 Many stores aim to sell products for the lowest possible price as they believe this will help them secure a large part of the market in their given niche. This can work for basic products, but this strategy does carry a warning. Many consumers are wary of the cheapest sellers on Amazon, as they suspect the quality of the products they’re buying to be low if they are purchasing the cheapest products on the platform. If you’re unwilling to sell for a low price, be sure to emphasize your products’ quality to show consumers that there’s a reason you’re charging a little more than your competitors.


 That said, there’s nothing wrong with running a promotion or two throughout the year. When you’re reducing products, you’ll be encouraging web users to make purchases because of their limited-time availability. If you can take the meal addresses of previous customers as part of the checkout process, you’ll be able to contact them directly in their inboxes to share that you’re running a promotion. That’ll help you generate extra interest when you’re reducing prices for a limited time.

Use these techniques to help your product listings and your entire store rise above your rivals on Amazon.

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