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How To Not Fail At Your First Virtual Date?

Stuck at home due to the Covid-19 pandemic, you might think your dating life will go down the drain. However, technology never fails to amaze, and virtual dates are a thing now, with humans being so adaptable, whatever the situation might be. Virtual dating, without a doubt, requires a lot less preparation than physical ones and is easier too.

For some people, opening up gets a lot easier when they meet new people from the comforts of their home. Sometimes texting can lead to miscommunication, however seeing each other using webcam  live mature cams, Skype, and other platforms, you can easily establish comfortable communication. Again, if you are a college student, you are always looking for ways to save money, and virtual dates help you do so yet helps you keep it fun and entertaining.

If still wondering as to how to set up for your first virtual date and what to do? Here are some guidelines you can follow.

Put Effort While Planning Your First Virtual Date

First dates will always make you nervous, however, putting effort not only helps you make an impression but makes you a lot more approachable and friendly. Be punctual about your date even though you are doing it from home; make sure you dress up nicely. How you present and perceive matters a lot during a first date.

When you are being your usual self, it makes a date a lot easier to go through and helps with easy bonding. Plan your date in advance and buy things you might need if you have something particular in mind.

Keep Your Camera Ready In Advance

Make sure to get the angles right before your virtual date, and that too a day before or maybe an hour. You should not scramble at the last moment trying to find the angle that will make your face look defined. Whether using a laptop or phone, find the right support and a leveled surface. You can keep your phone against your laptop screen. If using a laptop, make sure it is at eye level.

Not just choosing the right angle, lighting is crucial too. Mood lights are a thing; ensure your face is visible clearly before starting the virtual date. Ensure there is no reflection or a backlit window, which could overshadow the face.

Talk About Something Other Than The Pandemic

Virtual dates can be tough when starting new. When going to a restaurant or even the park, there is always something you could start a conversation with- food, weather, clothes, something. However, there are so many things to do during virtual dates, like cooking a meal, making photo albums, and discussing shared interests.

The Covid-19 pandemic is tough on everyone and though it might be easy talking about it, refrain from doing so while on a date. Talking about it can be emotionally draining and mentally too. Although you cannot totally ignore such conversations, try not to do it the majority of the time.  When on a first date, awkwardness is a given. Do not let it hamper your bonding and communication, and interact as much as you can.

Keep Your Comfort In Mind

Whether you are dating for the first time or have been in a long-distance relationship, always be careful while being on a virtual date.  Always know for first dates, you can end the date if you do not feel comfortable and could establish boundaries if need be. You could always discuss it with your friends.

Staying at home, you might think you have done nothing during the virtual, do not be hard on yourself. Accept the work you have done, including getting ready, putting in the effort to interact, and baring your soul. Social distancing will end one day, therefore do not let your social skills become dormant.

Date Ideas To Try For Your First Virtual Date

Dating during lockdown with your special someone far away can be emotionally exhaustive and tough. It is the time when your patience will be tested. For a first virtual date with your loved one, if you are running out of ideas, here are a few to try out.

  • How About A Virtual Happy Hour: Happy hours tend to remind you about the days when you used to go partying and drinking. However, this happy hour is completely different. This hour will be dedicated to the time you and your partner call each other, whether every day or depending on your own frequency. You could do anything during this hour- talk, watch TV shows, listen to music and others.
  • Cooking: If you ​both are foodie​s​, you surely used to visit different cafes and restaurants before the pandemic hit or the other went away. However, you can bring that charm back by doing virtual cooking classes with your long-distance partner and learn something new. You could even try being a mixologist if both of you like trying new drinks. Cooking helps in making fond memories and in channelizing your energy positively.
  • Movie Night: This is common; however, it never gets old. For a Friday night virtual date, settle in your pajamas and popcorn and get ready to binge-watch shows and movies with your partner. Having different movie preferences, take turns to watch something you both might like.
  • A Virtual Gig: A lot of musicians, comedians, and other event organizers are doing virtual gigs, which you can enjoy from the comforts of your home. Get rid of your stress and enjoy some quality time with your partner by being a part of these virtual gigs.
  • Workout Together: During the pandemic staying fit is important; however, doing it alone can be boring and monotonous. With video conferencing, you can easily do workouts and yoga with your partner from the comforts of your home. There are several platforms and websites available where you can easily access workout and yoga videos.

Dating during the pandemic can be frustrating and more so when you cannot even hope to see your partner after all this is over as they live far away. Long-distance relationships test your patience, communication, interaction, and trust between partners. However, when time is invested, and effort is put in, long-distance relationships can blossom well and help you grow. If this is your first time being on a virtual date with your crush or your long-distance partner, these pointers will surely help you.

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