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How to fix Discord screen share not working?

We all know about Discord, which is a popular streaming and multi-utility software that enables players to screen share games and chat with other users at the same time. However, Discord might show a black screen sometimes while sharing the game. At times it can be pretty frustrating and you need to fix it as soon as possible using the following methods:

#1 Check that you have added the game to Discord

The first fix that we will discuss is to check that you have added the game you are trying to share with Discord. You can do that in the following steps:

  • Open Discord and the game you want to share and click the Settings button in Discord’s window.
  • Click Game Activity on the left of the Discord and click the Add it option.
  • After that click the Select box to choose a game to share and press the Add game button.
  • Also, you need to turn on the game overlay toggle to solve the problem.

#2 Delete the Discord cache folder

You can also fix Discord’s screen sharing by clearing the software’s cache folder using the following method:

  • Close Discord and open the Start menu button to select a Run option.
  • Input %appdata% in Run’s Open box, click OK to open the Roaming folder, and right-click the Discord subfolder to select Delete.
  • After that, restart Discord and check if the problem has been resolved.
  • Turn off the Use our latest technology option
  • To turn off the Use our latest technology option, open Discord and follow these steps:
  • Click the Settings button and select the Voice and Video tab.
  • After that, toggle the Use our latest technology to off if it is currently on.

#3 Turn Hardware Acceleration off

You can also try turning Hardware Acceleration off if you are using an older laptop with lower specifications to solve the problem.

  • Open Discord software and press Settings.
  • Select the Appearance tab and toggle Hardware Acceleration to off if it is currently on.

#4 Run Discord and the game as an administrator

To run Discord as an administrator, follow the steps:

  • First of all, press the Windows key + S and input the keyword Discord in the search box.
  • After that, right-click the Discord app and select a Run as administrator.
  • Now you can run the game as administrator by right-clicking its EXE file. After that, select Run as administrator context menu option and you are good to go.

#5 Reinstall Discord

Open the Windows uninstaller and select the Discord software in Programs and Features.

  • Click the Uninstall button and delete some leftover data.
  • After that, open the Run accessory and enter %appdata% in Run.
  • Click the OK button and select the Discord folder.
  • Click the Delete button and then type %localappdata% in Run’s text box.
  • Click OK to open the Local folder, open the Discord folder in Local and select Delete.
  • Restart Windows.
  • Visit the Discord website to get the installer for the latest version and click Download Now.
  • Reinstall Discord.

#6 Make sure the game is not in fullscreen mode

Discord doesn’t support fullscreen sharing. So, users can only screen share games when they are not in a fullscreen mode. All you need to do is try switching the game if you are in fullscreen mode to a windowed mode to share it.

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