How to Create Online Signature?

How to Create Online Signature?

Online signature is an opportunity to use modern technology to simplify and reduce the cost of document flow. It can be used if documents are processed and stored in a digital form. You can create it and at the same time protect yourself against forgery. In this case, the information is converted by cryptographic means.

Say Goodbye to Paper Documents with Online Signature

Paper documents are a thing of the past. An electronic signature is a legal way to get approval or consent. It is used in digital document management. One advantage is legal validity. Thus, digital documents can be used to replace paper records.

Users around the world have appreciated reliability and security. Progress can be used and managed. For example, know the status of each signature and send reminders to your employees or customers. Every transaction is reflected in the audit trail.

Before receiving digital identifiers, you need to confirm your identity. The document itself with the signature is transmitted to the recipient in encrypted form. It is protected to prevent unauthorized access. Compared to paper documents, digital documents are unique. If necessary, they can be easily verified. Review

There is the dedicated portal where important information is provided in the English language. It is used to apply an electronic signature to documents created in Docx or PDF format. The possibilities are the same when using different devices, including a cell phone, computer,  and tablet. Users should be aware of a certain number of advantages. They  include the following:

  1. Signature security. 256-bit SSL encryption protocols are used for data transfer. Privacy is guaranteed.
  2. The device resources are not consumed. The process is performed in cloud storage. You do not need to install any relevant software on your computer to create a signature. No special technologies are required for the work.
  3. Getting the result in seconds. You can create your signature and upload it to your computer to sign any documents instantly.
  4. Choose the device of your choice. In the first step, you choose the name of the browser or a suitable operating system (iOS, Android, Windows).

Another advantage is that signatures are lightning-fast. No fax, scanner, or printer is required. It takes a few minutes rather than days to sign documents. They are sent by email. This method is much more efficient than traditional mail.

Is It a Good Idea to Use Pandadoc to Create an Electronic Signature?

How to make an electronic signature? You can use the Pandadoc service with a built-in editor. The latter has pre-set templates so that you do not have to create a document from scratch every time. The electronic signature has a rather extensive range of possible uses. In addition to marketing documents, it is possible to sign official papers. The latter include:

  • cheques;
  • contracts;

The application works on the principle of the block builder. The document itself is displayed on the left side. The right side provides blocks for adding information. If you want, you can enter dates, and also use price lists, tables, videos, and other images. You do not need to draw anything.

It is simply required to enter information in the boxes that open up. The color and size of the text, as well as the font, should be set. They are the factors that affect the ease and speed of reading.

There is a list for storing the created documents. After opening the one you were looking for, you can sign it and then send it to the client. To facilitate the workflow, users can enter the Status submenu to select the appropriate option.

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