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How to choose the best piano teacher for your kid?

Is your child interested in learning Piano? It is very important to consider a lot of aspects while choosing a Piano instructor. Let us know about them.

What do you want from a Piano instructor?

You need to be clear as to what do you want from your Piano tutors. It is important to be sure of your goals, needs and wants. Once you understand all these, write them down and you can just tick them as and when you begin your hunt for a Piano instructor.

Aspects to consider while choosing the piano teacher for your kid

  1. Motivation to the child

It is said that the best teacher is the one who knows how to make pupils interested and love what they are doing. If you come across someone who is very experienced and good in it but plays very much by the rules and makes piano practice very mechanical and strict, then you must not select him/her. It may lead to the death of the desire to play the piano in your child’s heart. You need to find someone who balances the fun and rules of playing the piano equally.

  1. Warm and Supportive

Children are very sensitive and are quick to learn what they see. If his/her piano instructor is not kind, then it can affect their mental health. The worst part is that they might not even know how to communicate it to you. He/she may suffer a lot of struggle in achieving good quality in playing it and hence, the teacher must be warm and supportive to the child.

  1. Experience and reasonable rates

For this aspect, you must do enough research on the internet and enquire in and around your neighbourhood. Once you do good research, you would know what the baseline rates for the course are. Many piano instructors also have websites and social media handles these days which would make it easier for you to see the reviews, their performances and their method of teaching.

  1. Assists in reaching your child’s goals

There must be equal participation of you, your child and the instructor. No one should be controlling, dominant and bossy to another person. It is about a child’s hobby and passion and hence it should be dealt with sensitivity, warmth and understanding. If the child’s goal is just to play the piano as a hobby but the instructor keeps forcing him/her to join international competitions and make a career out of it, then it is wrong and you should not choose such a teacher. He/she should let the child decide the goal for himself/herself and then help in fulfilling it.

  1. Aspects regarding personal expectations

You can see if you want the classes of your kid to be online or offline, near to your home or not and whether the timings fit the schedule of your child. You can also focus on how meeting the instructor made you feel.

Where to look for the best piano teacher for your child?

If you reside in the United States, then the Music Teachers National Organization can be of great help to you. This organization also has a webpage called Choosing a Teacher. If you are a resident of Canada, then they have such an organization called the Music Teachers’ Association of California. And, they, too have a similar webpage on the Internet which is called Find a Teacher. Similarly, New Zealand also has an Institute of Registered Music Teachers as well as a website for the same.

Hence, these are some of the ways through which you can choose the best piano teacher for your kid. However, the sky’s the limit and there is continuous progress taking place in this industry so be updated with it all.

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