How to Block Someone on Twitch | 3 Ways to Block People on Twitch


First of all, let us know about Twitch as a platform in brief. Twitch is a game streaming platform where gamers can live stream their gaming skills. On this platform, gamers from all around the world show their gaming skills by playing different games that help them build an audience base. People throughout the world watch the streamers play their favorite games and learn new skills from these experienced gamers. On the other hand, streamers can also earn money from twitch by accepting donations from the viewers by inserting their bank details.

As an added advantage, there is a feature which you can use when watching live streams online on Twitch and participate in live chat. This helps the people to communicate and discuss with other people watching that same stream. However, everything doesn’t usually go as planned and at such times you find people of all types. While you enjoy chatting with people, some might also annoy you or irritate you with their words and or with their behavior.

At certain times because of various reasons, you might want to block them for good. In this article, we will talk about the ways to block someone on Twitch so that spending time on the platform becomes more comfortable for you.

In general, there are two different ways to block someone on Twitch. You can either block that person by searching their name and blocking them or by blocking them directly in the stream chat section. As an addition to our list, you can also use a simple hack provided by Twitch. This feature enables you to direct Twitch to ignore the messages from a specific person by using his username to block his messages on twitch.

Without wasting any more time, let us know how to block someone on Twitch using various methods.

How To Ignore Someone on Twitch?

This step is the quickest and the easiest one to ignore messages from a certain user on any twitch live stream chat. To block the person, you need to have his or her username and the command for blocking messages from someone on Twitch is:

/ignore {USERNAME}

After you execute this command, Twitch will automatically ignore all the messages from that user. This will not show any message from the user not only in the chat but also in the live stream chat room, even if you are not a moderator. This option will ensure that you completely ignore the messages sent by him or her so that you can be comfortable in your space. To unignore his or her chats, use the following command:

/unignore {USERNAME}

How to Block Someone on Twitch in the live stream chat?

To block someone on Twitch in the live stream chat, use the following steps:

Step #1: First of all, open in your browser and go to the channel you want to watch.

Step #2: View the Chat option on the right side of the stream that is going on.

If you don’t know about the Live Chat section, it is the section used by the people to communicate while in a live stream. People talk to each other and discuss the current stream which they are watching now. If you want to block someone here for any reason such as, spreading fake news, hate speech, spreading rumors, or any others, you might want to block that person. To block, continue with the following steps.

Step #3: Now, click on the username of the person you want to block who is disturbing you.

After you click on his or her username that is displayed in front of his or her messages in the chatbox, you need to click on the three dots on the new popup window. In this window, you will find the “Block User” option.

Step #4: Click confirms to block the user and stop getting notifications from the person.

Now, you have blocked the person and the process ends here. But for additional info, keep in mind that when you click on “Block {Username}”, a new popup window will open. This window will tell you what will happen after you block that person. In short, the actions will be: the blocked user on Twitch will not be able to send you whispers or host you. Also, the user will refrain from the purchase of gift subs from other users from your channel. Even they cannot add you as a friend.

The next step will be yours where, if you agree with all these terms then hit the “Block” button to block that user from your Twitch account and that’s it. You have more personal space.

How to Block Someone on Twitch using Search Option?

After the first option that we have discussed above, there is another way of blocking a user on Twitch. In this process, you can directly search that user by his or her username and select the block option.

Follow these steps to block someone on Twitch by their username:

Step #1: First of all, you need to input their username in the Search box of Twitch. In case there are many accounts with a similar name, multiple search results will appear with usernames similar to the one you searched. Now, select the appropriate username that you want to block. Now, a chat window will open.

Step #2: Now, you need to click on the Gear icon

Step #3: This is the last step where you need to click the “Block” button to block that person on Twitch and confirm that you are blocking that person. You will also need to agree to some of the warnings like the ones we mentioned above and then click the Submit button. Your request will be entertained by the authorities instantly.

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