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How Technology Will Benefit from Rogers Communications Bringing Standalone 5G to Canada

Fifth-generation software, also known as 5G, isn’t a new concept. In Canada and around the world, governments and technology companies are rolling out more networks to improve society. But only Canadians will get access to the first-ever standalone 5G network after Rogers Communications announced the new generation of wireless technology.

Readers will be excited about what the rollout means for them, yet it’s the effects on the country that are compelling. After all, technology can improve most areas of society, including these features.

Autonomous Driving

If you assumed the brakes had been put on autonomous driving, you are mistaken. The sector hasn’t boomed like most people thought it would, yet it has made giant strides recently. Self-driving cars were features of sci-fi films 20 years ago, whereas they are considered realistic today. And the introduction of superior 5G networks will only improve the industry’s trajectory.

Not only will vehicles be able to make informed decisions quickly thanks to better internet speeds, but they’ll also communicate with other cars as the 5G network will connect them. Without interconnectivity, executing automated driving is almost impossible. Indeed, it continues to be an issue today since 5G networks rely on non-standalone cores.

A standalone core, therefore, should ensure that infrastructure from freeways and main roads to rail tracks is online. Deutsche Telekom already plans to do this by 2025. Canada could well beat it to the punch due to Rogers Communications’ creation.


5G could improve a host of health issues, including early enhanced earthquake warning systems. By reducing latency, the software could detect and report on natural disasters, such as earthquakes, quicker than they currently do. Still, it’s 5G’s role in the environment that will potentially be anticipated.

Overall, 5G reduces businesses’ carbon footprint because it eliminates the usual infrastructure that companies typically use, such as connection cables. Wireless nodes, on the other hand, are very flexible and can be installed in hard-to-reach places that previously required construction work. Of course, storing data on cloud-connected servers is better than unnecessarily using dead trees.

A 5G service that stands alone goes further by negating the need for the infrastructure associated with regular 5G networks. As sub-sectors such as cyber security and edge computing become leading industries in Canada, as well as artificial intelligence, corporations that put the planet first will have one destination in mind – the Great White North.


The entertainment market shouldn’t be undervalued. Look at what Hollywood has done for the US, for example. Or stay closer to home. Canadian film and TV productions account for $5 billion in revenue, which is a significant addition to the economy. Employing 117,000 people can’t be sniffed at, either. Superior wireless infrastructure will only boost these figures.

Filmmaking isn’t the only area where Canadian entertainment has excelled. Video gaming is at the forefront of society, and Canada can lay claim to some of the biggest releases, such as the Gears of War franchise. The Coalition made successful instalments with Gears 4 and 5, leading the series to become one of the best-selling for the Xbox One. Imagine what the franchise could transform into with standalone 5G, especially considering its competitive multiplayer scene. Then there’s iGaming. An abundance of operators in Canada compete by offering bonuses in various forms, from no deposit cashback to free bets and free spins, with the latter at the foundation of the strategy as this list of free spins highlights. The industry could benefit and grow from Rogers Communications’ 5G network by making gaming quicker due to the extra power. That should lead to more conversions for Canadian operators, meaning that added value in the country will go to another level for online casino users.

These platforms enhance the nation’s standing on the world stage, not to mention its Gross Domestic Product.

We’ll have to wait and see what the impacts will be, but don’t be surprised if the above flourish in the future once the 5G standalone network is established.

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