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Here’s How You Can Pull A Prank In The Age Of Smartphones

There’s no denying that smartphones are already a part of our everyday lives. Why wouldn’t it be? Gone are the days that you would only reach for your phone for texting and calling. Now, every helpful tool you can possibly think of that can be made digitally is already available in a  flat and handy tool! From a quick computation using a calculator, a personal wake-up call with an alarm clock, to a more convenient ride-hailing and food delivery – they’re all within the slight touch of your fingertips. Times are changing and pranks need to catch up with the times as well. Sadly, there are pranks that aren’t considered “funny” by today’s standards. But these are replaced by newer, more technologically advanced pranks. We’ll help you explore the limits of your smartphone by listing down 11 prank ideas that you can do NOW!

Pull A Prank In The Age Of Smartphones

This will be a mix of prank apps and texting/online messaging apps. Speaking of messaging apps, did you know that you can still use Facebook Messenger without having a Facebook account? Yup, that’s right! You can learn how to do that here.

Ready to know about the 11 pranks you can pull in the age of smartphones? Cool, but be warned because these ideas are too hilarious for the little effort needed to exert in doing them. So prank at your own risk!

1. Prank Call

If you think the days of prank calls are so last decade, you should try Ownage Pranks’ prank call app! This prank app boasts a collection of more than 100 pre-recorded prank calls that you can choose from that you can send to anyone anywhere and anytime you like. You send quick prank calls ranging from an annoying neighbor randomly asking for a Wifi password to an angry girlfriend threatening someone to stay away from her man. You won’t have to worry about these pranks’ quality because they are made from genius prank scripts, an impressive online soundboard,  and are performed by professional voice actors to make the calls more believable.

If you want something more elaborate, you can always send Ownage Pranks a prank request and leave the deed to them as you just enjoy the fun unfolding at your ear’s reach! Their calls are also untraceable, thanks to their spoof calls. A spoof call works by gathering your data and hiding it all under a fake caller I.D. This way, you won’t need a burner phone anymore to enjoy prank calls!

2. Lyric Prank

The key to an excellent lyric prank is to find the perfect song to make this work. If you have no idea how to do this, it’s pretty simple. Just pick a piece that you truly resonate with the lyrics and send it as a text message to your victim line by line. The rule is not to send the next part of the song until they’ve responded. Keep doing this until they realize that you are messing with them. If you finished the song and they still haven’t figured it out, then consider yourself a winner in a game that only you have been playing. Kidding aside, you can try sending this to your crush or your friends. It’s truly a fun way to tread with boredom.

3. Text Replacement Prank

This is one of the simplest pranks you can make because all you need is access to someone else’s phone. Once you have hacked into your potential victim’s phone, head to their settings and change their text replacement or autocorrect settings. For example, you can change “yes” to “no” or “now” to “meow.” Let your imagination run wild but make sure to decide on it before even accessing their phone’s settings. You only have limited time to change everything, so make sure to spend your time wisely!

4. Texting Bubble Prank

If you use iMessage to chat with your friends, simply download a typing GIF for iMessage. Then, the next time you catch up with your besties, tell them you have something important to say to them. Then, once they’re all hyped up, send them the typing GIF and let them wait forever. Not a LOL moment on their end, but it indeed is yours!

5. Bot Prank

Isn’t it annoying when you receive spam messages from numbers that talk like bots? Well, that’s what we are trying to pull off here. If you can’t make one yourself, the internet is always your friend. You can find random templates with just a quick Google Search away and use a burner phone to send these messages to your friends or just to random people. Wait for their reactions because it will indeed be priceless!

6. Changing Contacts Prank

Here’s another prank that you can do when you have access to someone else’s phone. Go to their contacts or phone book and find the people they regularly contact, like their significant other, parents, siblings, or closest friends. Then, switch the names of these people. For example, replace their mother’s contact with their boyfriend’s/girlfriends, their best friend’s with their dad’s, etc.! Wait for them to realize that they are talking to the wrong people all this time!

7. Airdrop Prank

In the olden days, pranksters used Bluetooth to send random files to friends or strangers. The funny part about it is the receiver won’t have an idea who sent it to them, especially if they are in a public place cramped with strangers. Since we are in the age of smartphones, we use Airdrop for quicker file transfer. So next time you go to the mall or at a party full of strangers, send them a funny meme or a completely random image lacking in context whatsoever. Just don’t send them anything inappropriate and perverted! That’s not cool! And if you do that, that isn’t a prank but a form of harassment. We just want to keep things light and fun around here!

8. Multiple Sent Message Prank

You can annoy your friends by sending them a text message not once, not twice, but five, ten, or twenty times! The next time they ask you “Wyd?”, tell them what you’re doing in such a repetitive manner that they won’t ask ever again. If they’re annoyed by it, tell them you just have a phone glitch that you need to get fixed. Who can blame you for wanting to be clear with your messages, right?

9. Broken Screen Prank

Having a broken screen is just like having a broken one or a bruise on your body. Our lives are so intertwined with the use of technology and smartphones that we treat them as an extension of our limbs now. It’s private and personal property, thus needing to be handled with proper care. So when you break your phone’s screen, you know it’s the end, and the chances of saving it are slim to none. Head to the App Store or Google Play Store to download a broken screen app. Most apps like this make shattering noises and display a realistic-looking broken screen to fool your friends and family. Are you feeling lazy? You can always just download a high-resolution photo from the internet!

10. Cat Facts

Just like the Bot Prank, you can annoy your friend using a burner phone by giving them a daily text about random cat facts! Tell them that their Daily Random Cat Facts Subscription is approved. This may take a lot of work, but you will need some immense content planning. But if you want, you can always make up facts just for the sake of fun. It’s not like they’re going to use your text messages as a research source or anything! This is funnier if your potential victim hates cats. The goal is to annoy them so much they beg for you to end the subscription, which of course – you won’t!

11. I Made Out With Your Boyfriend

Got a new number and want to take advantage of its newness to make fun of your friends in a relationship? Randomly text them, “I made out with your boyfriend,” and see how they will react. We have a feeling that it would be pretty violent, though! Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Did you learn how you can have fun using your smartphone? Prepare yourself to laugh out loud when trying a thing or two from our list! Why? They’re so much fun and easy to make that you can even do it at this very moment. Just remember that when you are pranking, you must keep it safe and respectful at all times. Don’t worry; your intuition will guide you. So good luck and happy pranking!

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