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Getting Rid Of Skin Tags is Now Simple

Skin tags are small, soft, and noncancerous growths that generally form in the folds of the skin on the armpits, neck, eyelids, or groin area. It is unclear what cause these skin tags; however, they can develop from skin rubbing or friction. While they are not dangerous, they are bothersome cosmetically especially when formed at a clear location like the neck or face.

Home Remedies For Removal Of Skin Tags

A few at-home methods used to remove skin tags are safer and more efficient than other. You can also find many products available in the market for skin tag removal Calgary. But you should ensure to check with your doctor before giving a try to them:

Removal Creams

The skin tag removal creams are effective in a few cases. Medical experts recommend avoid products having tea tree oil and salicylic acid because they can cause contact dermatitis or irritate your skin. To use these creams, you should first clean your skin using an alcohol-based wipe and fill the tag before you apply the removal cream to make sure that the skin absorbs it fully.

With this, the tag should go away with two to three weeks.

Removal Patches and Bands

A removal band can help cut the blood supply to the skin tags base. Without blood supply, the cells will die and the skin tag will fall off. This procedure is called ligation. The skin tag removal patches consist of medications. If you leave the patch on your skin tag for many days, it may come off.

Freezing Kits

The healthcare experts in a medical setting use liquid nitrogen to kill the unwanted skin tissues. It is known as cryotherapy. You should do your research and then select an over-the-counter freezing kit that can help reach the lowest possible temperature if used appropriately. Ensure to follow the instructions carefully. You will have to apply this product many times to make the skin tag fall off. IF you choose to use a home freezing kit, ensure that the spray does not touch your skin surrounding the tag. You can apply petroleum jelly on the area surrounding the tag to protect your skin.

Apple Cider Vinegar

This is another product that you can use for skin tag removal Calgary. Soak a small cotton ball into the apple cider vinegar and put it on the tag using a bandage for nearly 10 minutes. Repeat this 2-3 time every day until the skin tag falls down. Make sure to look for skin irritation. Stop using this method if you see any signs of reactions. Since this vinegar is acidic, it can lead to chemical burns. Don’t use it close to your eyes.

Tea Tree Oil

Tis essential oil can help treat many skin conditions like skin tags. Drop some drops of tea tree oil on a small cotton ball and affix it on the skin tag using a bandage. Leave it for 10 minutes. Repeat this method 3 times every day. It many take many days for the skin tag to fall down. Make sure to exercise cautions as this essential oil can irritate if you have sensitive skin. Don’t use tea tree oil on the skin tags located near eyes.

Clipping or cutting

You may be tempted to clip or cut off your skin tag using a sharp blade, scissors, or nail clipper. Do this only if your healthcare provider approves you to do so. You should first clean your skin and the device you are using to avoid any sort of infection. While this method offers the instant gratification of skin tag removal, it is usually painful. People who have bleeding disorders or use blood thinners should keep away from this method. Don’t clip or cut tags situated close to the eyes. Also, ensure that you don’t clip or cut off large or medium tags as this can lead to bleeding.


You can also use iodine in its liquid form to get rid of a skin tag. If you want to try this method, you should ensure to protect your skin around the skin tag by applying coconut oil or petroleum jelly. Then, soak Q-tips in the liquid iodine and spread it across the tag. You should then cover that are using a bandage until the liquid dried up. Repeat it two time a day until your ag falls off.

When At-Home Skin Tag Removal Methods Are Not Safe and Suitable?  

Don’t try to remove your skin tag at home if it is

  • Situated around your genital
  • Situate around your eyes
  • Causing itching, bleeding, or pain
  • Very long or large

In all the above-mentioned cases, you should seek medical treatment. Below are the best medical methods for skin tag removal:

Cryotherapy: It involves application of liquid nitrogen so that the tag freezes off. Generally, it takes 1-2 treatments to get rid of the tag completely.

Cauterization: It involves burning the tag off. Most of the skin tags drop off within two sittings.

Excision: It involves cutting the tag using a blade.

Ligation: In this, the tag is tied using a surgical thread to decrease blood flow, leading it to drop off eventually.

When Should You Consult a Doctor?

The health experts recommend people go consult a dermatologist before trying to remove their skin tag. It’s best to get the tag removed by an experienced professional, if it is painful, large, or situated at a sensitive place. Get instant medical assistance if the skin tag changes as it can denote skin cancer.

Wrap Up

A skin tag isn’t a cause for medical anxiety. Once the dermatologist confirms that it is a benign growth, you don’t need any further action. Small tags that aren’t situated in sensitive places can be removed using at-home techniques. But it is still best to see an expert for removal.

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