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E-commerce Website Development: Everything You Need to Know in 2021

e-commerce has gained a lot of popularity in previous years and more so in 2020 for its convenience, flexibility, and accessibility. Moreover, e-commerce website development has seen great transformation due to advancing technologies and trends. e-commerce brings plenty of opportunities for small business owners especially. To align themselves with the trends, some business owners find in-house development rather suitable and others go for outsourcing e-commerce website development services. Both have their pros and cons.

Having said that, we are in the age of digitization, customers want nothing more than convenience and a better experience. 2020 was great for e-commerce, and revenue is expected to reach over 3.53 trillion UDS by 2023. So the growth is pretty evident from the numbers, in the coming years.

Many businesses think that merely creating a website can do the trick, which is not true. e-commerce website design is only the first step of the entire e-commerce website development process. e-commerce is a dynamic industry; the trends are always changing which requires you to keep yourself updated with the latest trends.

Don’t know where to start? This blog will highlight the 5 hottest e-commerce development trends in 2021:

A New Style of Listing Your Products

Product presentation matters a lot if you are looking to increase sales through your online store. 2021 is the year when you have to do away with old designs of product catalogs. You need to present your products in a way that is aesthetically pleasing to the eyes, and people would want to click on them. Be creative in your approach. Real, genuine pictures can always up your game. Photos should be exciting and the frames should definitely go with the theme. Do not just throw your product images on the canvas rather add some transitions or elements to make them stand out. Brands like Bliss world, bon bon bon et al. have some of the amazing product pages.

Clear and Powerful Typography

This is one of the most important e-commerce design trends 2021. Bold font designs are becoming popular. This trend may not be new but it is still trending. Bold fonts highlight the content which births interest and attraction among the audience. Average time spent on a website can drastically improve. Headings are an important part of the whole design because this is what the user sees when they first land on the site. It makes the whole navigation much easier by highlighting important elements.

AI-Powered Chabot’s for Instant Conversation

Digitization has influenced industries around the globe, e-commerce is no different. Chabot’s in e-commerce development will be seen advancing in 2021 as well. It is determined to offer high-quality services to meet customer needs. Amid the pandemic, physical modes of shopping are somewhat disappearing. Customers are shifting to the online world therefore AI Chabot’s will provide a smooth experience and on-the-spot resolutions to customer queries.

Therefore, Chabot’s will redefine the e-commerce industry and is one of the most exciting e-commerce development trends 2021.

Headless Commerce is on the Rise

Headless architecture is defined as a solution in which the front end is decoupled from back end functionality. Front end developers can update the marketplace or the interface without any interference with the back end, giving complete control to front end developers to enhance user experience using their e-commerce development tools such as e-commerce APIs. You can customize features and functionalities without involving the backend which otherwise disrupts the entire infrastructure.

In short, headless eCommerce website development allows front-end developers to deliver more responsive and smooth customer experiences. It is one of the finest e-commerce development trends 2021.

Voice Search is the New Normal

Because of the advent of smart speakers and assistants, our lives have become so much easier than ever before, it has made a rather prominent difference in consumers’ lives. In this day and age, people only look for convenience and what is more convenient than voice search, without having to type long-winded search queries. This is one of the most talked-about e-commerce website development trends of 2021. This trend is surely a game-changer. Therefore, your e-commerce website should offer the same. Websites should be optimized to accommodate voice search functionality, so shoppers can find the products easily that they are looking for.

The Bottom Line

The e-commerce industry is constantly evolving and it’s crucial for e-commerce website developers to stay updated with the latest trends. If your company lacks the resources for in-house e-commerce website development, it’s better to hire an e-commerce website development company, to always stay ahead of the competition. e-commerce development is not rocket science but however, beating your competition is. e-commerce website requirements are simple: go towards minimalist design, not so crowded, introduce dark mode, ensure full security of customer sensitive data, optimize the platform for mobile use, focus on SEO, content strategy, cleaner interface to provide world-class user experience.

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