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Does Charter Offer Senior Discounts?

Charter Communications which is currently offering internet, TV, and phone services through its brand name “Spectrum” is nations one of the largest cable internet providers that offer services in over 41 states and serves millions of customers. There are different tiers available for those looking for internet services, several plans for cable TV lover, and phone services with outstanding calling features and unlimited calling nationwide. On top of everything, customers can get amazing discounts and deals on the services whenever they create their account. Usually, that promotional time is for the first year but sometimes, you can also get special deals based on the promotions that can offer you 24 or 36 months’ promotions as well.

Despite these promotional periods and discounts, the best thing about Spectrum is that it never bounds you to stay with Spectrum for a specific time via service agreements/contracts, and neither charges you any cancellation fee for the services. Customers have the option to cancel their services even after the first day or the first week. Moreover, it offers customers additional discounts based on what services they are getting and the bundle promotions that are available at that time.

Does Charter Offer Senior Discounts

As Charter offers amazing deals and promotions on its services, one thing that people frequently inquire about is whether there are any special discounts for seniors that are offered by Spectrum. Unfortunately, Spectrum does not offer any special discounts for seniors.

However, it does offer many low-cost internet and TV service options that work for seniors as well. In a way, that is not just helpful for the seniors but also considers the needs of many Americans that are not able to pay the increasing costs of internet services and offers them alternative to what they previously had. Let’s have a look at some of these plans and the prices to see what is so special about these plans and how are they beneficial for seniors. You can also find out further details about these plans by visiting Charter Spectrum via localcabledeals.

  1. Charter Spectrum Internet Assist Plan

Internet Assist is an internet-only plan offered by Spectrum for customers who cannot afford to pay over $50-$60 per month for internet services and need a cost-effective option that meets their needs. With this plan, Spectrum offers them the opportunity to get a good internet speed of up to 30 Mbps at a monthly price of $14.99 per month. That’s not just it – Spectrum also provides a free modem with internet services so that the customers do not have to pay monthly for that or purchase their modem.

This plan offers no-contract access to internet services along with unlimited data so the low-income customers can benefit from it as long as they like and cancel the services whenever they want to. However, there is an additional charge of $5 per month if customers also want to get the Wi-Fi router for the Wi-Fi services and to connect their mobile devices and tablets to the internet.

  1. Charter Spectrum TV-Choice Plan

Spectrum TV-Choice is a cable TV only plan, just like Internet Assist, that offers cost-economic cable TV services to customers who are looking to save money or not interested in getting a channel line up that includes hundreds of channels. With this plan, they get to choose ten channels of their choice from the Select plan channel line up. Besides that, they also get access to some local channels that are provided by Spectrum on top of the 10 channels that they have chosen.

This is a suitable plan for customers who do not watch a variety of TV channels and are usually happy with the speicifc 3-5 channels that they like to watch. Moreover, families that are not a huge fan of cable TV can get this plan and add channels for their kids along with a few entertainment channels to enjoy whenever they want. This plan starts at $24.99 per month if there is no DVR or additional TV boxes. Along with these channels, customers also have the option to add more premoium channels by paying the monthly cost associated with each channel such as HBO, Showtime, Starz, TMC, and many more.

For seniors, this plan can be a good choice as this is not just a low price plan but is available for everyone. Moreover, they usually like to watch a handful of channels that they like, so they do not have to pay additional every month and sunscribe to a plan that offers them hundreds of channels that they do not even watch.

Final Thoughts

Spectrum Internet Assist and Spectrum TV choice is also a great combination for those customers who are interested in getting both of the services at a lower price. This combination will cost them less than $50 per month and they will be able to get what they are looking for. Other than these two, Spectrum also offers few other TV streaming plans as well. So, in case you do not want to bundle your internet service with TV Choice plan, you can choose any streaming plans and save more.

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