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Difference between Internet Connection Types

During this pandemic, the hunt for a decent internet service provider is a crucial thing as most of our activities in the lockdown are dependent on a fast, reliable internet connection. Not to our surprise, countless internet providers are working in the United States, and the chances are that there may be a dozen just in your locality. However, the question becomes how you can choose the right business internet service provider in your area. There are different connection types available, and you can get the best ones depending on the service available and connection type.  This guide will help you get the best fiber internet in north carolina for your business. Here are the things you need to understand before choosing the internet service provider in your area:

Different Internet Connection Types

There are countless ways to get to the internet. These connection types are categorized based on the science behind internet transmission. Some of these are better and efficient than others. Therefore, you should prefer these connection types:


Cable Internet corresponds to a network of coaxial cables. These are the same cables that are used to transmit your TV service. The cable internet uses the same network and delivers seamless internet connectivity for your home and business. Countless cable providers are operating in the United States. Spectrum and Mediacom are the common ones. Spectrum is available in more than 42 states. Spectrum Silver package is a must-have for its extensive channel lineup and ultra-fast internet.


If efficiency and high-end technology are put together, you get fiber internet. This is a new technology and arguably the best of them all. Fiber internet uses a complex network of fiber optics. Fiber optics are glass wires and are able to transmit more data than the existing cable and DSL lines. You can get speeds up to 1000 Mbps. These ultra-fast speeds are ideal for online gaming and 4k streaming.


Satellite internet is common means of internet transmission and AT&T is a famous satellite provider. The provider installs a dish at your house. This satellite dish is responsible for the internet. Satellite internet offers lower download speeds than cable and fiber. It is a bit unreliable as poor weather conditions can directly influence your speeds.


DSL stands for Digital Subscriber Line. The DSL internet uses the same wires used for the transmission of telephone signals. These speeds are relatively faster than the satellite and dial-up. However, these speeds are less than fiber. CenturyLink is a DSL provider accessible in all the major states in the United States.

Which connection to get?

Preferably, you should look for fiber internet. However, the installation of a fiber infrastructure requires a massive infrastructure cost, and therefore, it is not readily available. FiOS fiber is a great choice for fiber internet. CenturyLink offers fiber services as well.

If Fiber internet is not available, go for cable or DSL internet. These connections are not influenced by the weather conditions so these are reliable.

Things to look forward to

Here are the things you need to look forward to in an internet connection:


Your internet provider must get you fairly consistent download and upload speeds. Higher the download speed, the smoother will be your 4K streaming. Moreover, higher download speed corresponds to better gaming online. The download speeds range from 60 Mbps to 1 Gigabit.

Data limits

Limited data caps are old school. You should have enough monthly data to navigate through your streaming, downloading, and online gaming. Your provider should offer unlimited monthly data. If not, go for the one with relaxed data limits.


Internet service providers require you to sign a contract. The contract is valid for a year or two. If you cancel your service before the contract length, you are charged an early termination fee. Look for contract-free internet plans.


You can get some amazing bundles containing high-speed internet, HD TV, and digital phone. These bundles help you save a lot on your monthly bill. Look for providers with better and affordable bundles.

Customer Service

Your next internet service provider should have excellent customer service. In case there is a technical problem, it has to be fixed ASAP. Therefore, make sure your internet provider has good customer service.

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