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What Is The Difference Between Crunchyroll Premium And Premium Plus?

Some large name players may appeal to users. Be that as it may, in case you’re a hardcore fan, you likely need more determination than Netflix has to bring to the table. Crunchyroll has perhaps the most diverse collections of content outside of Asia. By a wide margin, perhaps the best thing about Crunchyroll is that it doesn’t cost you a dime. All things considered, nearly. They do offer free membership, however, it has a few disadvantages. Along these lines, on the off chance that you have some additional money, sprinkling out for the top premium service may be a sound venture.

Streaming websites and applications are a new trend these days. Nobody goes to the blockbusters anymore and all the content is available online. But what if you’re looking for a streaming site that especially keeps collections of anime or manga and not your everyday basic shows/series. Crunchyroll is one of the streaming sites that has made a name in this department.

For all our readers that don’t know what Crunchyroll is, don’t worry. We will be explaining all the basics before coming down to the hot topic of the day. This article includes all the information on Crunchyroll- what it is, what does it offer? How many plans exist? Which plan should you take?

What is Crunchyroll?

Crunchyroll is one of the hottest streaming platforms available in the market these days. When compared to its competitors, it certainly comes out on top in the genre of manga and anime. It has a huge library ranging from all sorts of manga, anime and South Asian TV series. You can also find various cartoons, kids shows and award-winning feature films available for streaming.

All of our readers who are die hard fans of anime must have heard of the Assassination Classroom- sci-fi comedy in which all the students try to murder thier in-destructible alien teacher. Dr. Stone- the post-apocalyptic world where everybody turns into stone but only a couple of recovered survivors fighting for the race of civilization. Everybody is familiar with Naruto. Who doesn’t know Naruto? All these famous anime are available for streaming at the click of a single touch at Crunchyroll.

Another fact that you should take note of is that you will find more TV series than movies on Crunchyroll. Movies are not that prominent on this app but it specializes in a different genre. But if you ever pick the paid membership on Crunchyroll, that will allow you to stream newly released episodes within hours of telecast in Japan, along with subtitles serving their purpose.

Is Crunchyroll free?

Well, to answer your question, the answer lies in the technicalities. Thousands of older episodes of all genres are available for watching at the click of a single button for totally free of cost. The only catch is the occasional ad may pop up at some intervals. People with tight budgets often choose to opt for the free version and face minor inconveniences. Anime episodes can range to about 20 minutes on an average and you will be seeing three ads per episode. In short you can binge watch Naruto or Dragon Ball for free if you can sit through 3 advertisements per episode.

Crunchyroll Premium:

At just $7.99 per month, you are entitled to a premium subscription of Crunchyroll. We would definitely recommend getting this if you’re really into binge watching shows and movies. With the accessibility to a much more wide media library, without ads streaming experience, new episodes at your fingertips, you’re set for life. No advertisement is the best thing you can get at just $7.99. To watch all your favourite manga and anime without any interruptions is utter bliss.

The best feature about getting this paid membership is that you will be able to watch the newly aired episodes as soon as they are aired in Japan. If you still have doubt about buying the premium service, use the free 14 day free trial and then make up your mind.

Free Membership:

You get access to a large database of media at Crunchyroll for free, at the slight cost of advertisements. When you seem to spend watching 3 ads on every episode i.e. 20 minute episode. It can get a little more tiresome.

It can get a lot annoying if you’re watching those repetitive ads 3 times per episode. Imagine a season with 100 episodes. Also, the new titles that are recently aired will not be available instantly to the free users. You will only be able to watch these new episodes only when the cooldown period has passed. When you choose to invest $7.99 to buy the premium version, you will get rid of all these restrictions.

Plans available: Out of all the premium plans available, we would recommend you to look at the features, look at your pocket budget and then choose the plan, what’s best for you.

There are several affordable plans that Crunchyroll has to offer:

1. FAN: This Fan plan is one of the cheapest options that Crunchyroll has to offer. You will get the following features in this plan.

-Unlimited access to anime library

-Digital manga library access

-Streaming on single device

-No advertisements

-Access to episodes one hour after their airing

The advantage of these plans is that they will cut out those annoying ads that you used to see every 10 mins or so. And if you’re a manga fan, you get unlimited access to the digital library of Crunchyroll’s Manga. Unfortunately, the translations are only available in English and none of the other local languages.

2. MEGA FAN: If the fan plan is not working for you, you can take a look at the mega fan plan CrunchyRoll has to offer. Besides the perks the aforementioned plan had to offer to the users, you get additional benefits like-

-Getting a $15 discount when you spend $100 in the Crunchyroll Store. You can get this discount every quarter of the year. I.e. 4 times per year.

-You get the feature of watching all these series offline. No more waiting for the buffering to take place.

-You get the chance to take part in various lotteries and events that take place throughout the year.

-You can stream a wide range of videos on four different devices at once. Meanwhile, the FAN plan only allowed you to watch on one device.

Well, before investing your hard-earned money or getting your hopes up, just check the availability of Crunchyroll stores in your country. The availability of Crunchyroll stores varies from country to country. Order something from the store before counting the discount as a victory on your side.

3. ULTIMATE FAN or Premium Plus: This plan was specially handcrafted and created for hardcore anime fans. It’s called the Ultimate plan because it includes all the features from Fan and Mega fan and some additional benefits like an annual swag bag and access to limited run figurines presented in premium-only events. Special merchandise available only to you that distinguishes you from normal viewers.

This plan is like the developer mode of Crunchyroll. With this, you get early access to beta test new features. You additionally get an Exclusive premium plus virtual badge. Free shipping on all eligible products but this is only applicable in the US. You also get VIP front-of-the-line privilege at any event you wish to attend or participate in.

And with even more awesome discounts on the Crunchyroll Store, you will have access to anime limited-edition merchandise. Besides that, you’ll also get a boost in your streaming device capabilities. This ultra super duper plan will allow you to run Crunchyroll on six devices simultaneously.

How to pick a Plan?

Just in case your pockets are light or you are short on funds, there is nothing wrong with just going for the ad-included free version. You’ll face slight inconvenience but it is free. However, if you can afford to spend $8 per month, the ‘Fan’ plan would be the best for you as it is the lowest premium and most affordable plan. You can first use the 14 days free trial of premium features to decide which plan you should go for.


So, in this article, we have described what Crunchyroll is and how it is one of the hottest streaming sites available these days in the market. If you’re a hardcore anime fan, we have listed various affordable plans of Crunchyroll’s premium membership for you. The difference between the Premium and the Premium Plus plans has also been highlighted within this article. We would recommend you to go for the best package for the best and smoothest experience you’ll ever get on a streaming website.

What do you think about Crunchyroll’s new plans? Did you like the vast collection of anime, manga and series on Crunchyroll? Let us know about your reviews and comments. 

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